Eccleston Lane Ends Primary School, St Helens

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Well done to all those at Eccleston Lane Ends School, in St Helens, who enchanted me with their creativity today. Many children surprised themselves (and their teachers) and that is always satisfying.

In talking with some of the children about the beautiful landscapes we encountered, I was reminded of the glorious Love Earth website.

It is a huge and wonderful eco-site and well worth investigating.

Here are a couple of examples of “on-the-fly” writing from the afternoon session today:

I am standing here, seeing the cracked, ragged rocks like great dragons guarding the last few drops of water. In the candyfloss clouds above, a vulture circles its prey. The smallest sounds are carried across the sharp, blistering wind. Just seeing the dryness of this wasteland, attacks my throat. How can I survive?
Jack Y6

Standing here, looking out across a rigid landscape, a bird soars, circling above me as if it is a whisk swirling round and round in a mixing bowl. There are rocks that are dagger like, screwing into the rusty, dusty ground ready to stab its prey. To the left I see a rough, rock dinosaur searching vigorously with its leg in the ground. But what could possibly be over those mounds of knives?
Hannah Y6

Standing here, I see a bird flying. It may be small but it flies like an eagle. The mountains that stand before me, are sprinkled with orange dust. They are as sharp looking as a thousand knives scattered along the ground. The sound of chiming bells fill the air gently. The clouds drift softly through the sky, but am I alone?
As I turned it transformed into a jungle of trees. I looked to my left and to my right to see trees and plants. Suddenly I spied the most colourful and beautiful glass ceiling ever. Greens, reds, yellows and blues danced before me. The trees swayed in the cool breeze.
Liam Y6

Standing here, looking across a dry desert, a red rocky dinosaur was guarding the last pure moisture left. A mysterious looking bird circling me as if I was a tiny juicy worm. I began looking for an escape route in these hard, red rocks, whilst, in the never ending whiteout of the sky, swallows circled. The sound of chimes could be heard but will I get out in time? As I was about to explore on, a glimpse of colour sparkled in the corner of my eye. I found myself turning to see that I wasn’t actually in a hot, barren desert. I was, infact, in a green house flooded with every tone of green and brown, not just in the world but also the universe. As I explored I wondered who, or what, lived here and what was behind the massive entrance in front of me.
Ben Y5

There was a lot of remarkable speaking, listening and descriptive vocabulary through all of the age groups.

Well done all! Thank you to Margaret Baxter, and her colleagues for a great day.

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  1. Margaret Baxter says:

    Many thanks once again to Tim. After a short phone call two days before he was to join us, he had planned fantastic differentiated activities using Myst to stimulate speaking, listening, role and writing for Year 2 to Year 6. The ideas inspired the children to produce work that they did not realise they were capable of! The staff have benefited greatly from Tim’s enthusiasm, encouragement and advice. They can’t wait to carry on the great work. Keep up the great work Tim.

  2. Megan says:

    hey tim i go to eccleston lane ends primary school what do you think about it?

    Hi Megan. I really enjoyed my brief visit to Eccleston Lane Ends.
    Please try to remember to be careful when you are using the internet. Don’t give away information like your email too easily, and certainly not other, more personal, details, like your age and address etc

    This website is “safe” and run by teachers, but you DO need to think carefully.

    It was lovely to hear from you though. Please pass my best wishes to Mrs Baxter – a lovely lady.

    All the best

    Mr Rylands

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