Transition- Archbishop McGrath Comprehensive School, Bridgend

| March 14, 2008 | 4 Comments 

A fun day, at Archbishop McGrath Comprehensive School, Bridgend, looking at ways of using some of the visual literacy ideas we have been generating, as a transition unit.

Thank you to Kelly, Barbara, Karen, Gillian, Alvine, Anne, and Ericka for a hard working and efficient day.

More to follow about…what…follows! 🙂

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  1. Alvine Westerland says:

    A really excellent, inspiring day. Tim is an inspirational teacher, and our year 7 and 8 classes loved his mad enthusiasm – as did all of the staff! We will most definitely be exploring his ideas through the Myst game. Fantastic, and thank you so much, Tim.

  2. Kelly Burns says:

    An interesting session which has inspired many, many ideas for use in the classroom. I can see how this could be applied for all year groups successfully. Pupils responded with enthusiasm and were learning without realising!

  3. Anne Kavanagh says:

    I am really excited about this work. I am always looking for new ways to inspire my pupils to use language creatively.
    Special Needs pupils love the idea of fantasy worlds and these games and teaching strategies will go a long way to developing these essential but under-developed skills. Thanks for the inspiration. Can’t wait to get ( oops! that dreadful word) started!!

  4. Karen McCarthy says:

    Once again an inspirational day!
    It was great to have the opportunity to see MYST IV in practice with the bonus of seeing it being used by some of my children from classes gone by!
    Thank you Tim for your enthusiastic delivery and your sage advice for our transition plans!
    I am not only looking forward to continuing to share the experiences with my children, but also with my fellow colleagues as we journey together on our MYST adventures!

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