Cross Ash Primary School, Gwent

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The first of two days working with schools in Monmouthshire. Today, at Cross Ash Primary School, Gwent (part of the Monmouthshire LEA)

Wow, what a lovely school, full of smiles and laughter, a real joyous place to be. Each class engaged remarkably maturely with the experiences Myst offers and the challenges they were given. I loved it when I commented on a child’s piece that described the “wind rushing through her hair like a tide ripping through seaweed” that she was showing off about HAVING hair. We then shared  the joke that I had taken hours doing my hair that morning but had forgotten to bring it with me! Oh how we all laughed, and well done to that young lass, for recovering and continuing in the reading of her excellent writing.

Well done to Isobelle Busby, headteacher, and her colleagues for a truly bubbly and enjoyable experience. I hope Isobelle can forgive me for the fact that she fell off the back of the rollercoaster ride. Ooops!

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