Green Lane Junior School, Newport

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A second day in a Monmouthshire school. This time, Green Lane Junior School, Newport

I often marvel that I ask children to immediately accept the weird bald bloke with the musical walking stick, and, even more than that, to rise to the challenges of creativity and expressive language. The first group arrived looking a little apprehensive. Understandable maybe!

By the end of a creative and dramatic session, they were really flying with their ideas though. Well done to Craig, for taking on the role of Atrus, the owner of the mysterious, yet peaceful, greenhouse we found ourselves in. His answers truly involved his classmates in what appeared to be a fully evolved “backstory” containing some tragedy and loss. I am sure that, as one of his table-mates said, “when he becomes famous, he will be great at answering questions in an interview!”

In the second lesson, they became SO involved that we didn’t even “turn round” or “move”. Some truly remarkable writing “sprang forth”. When reading her writing out, one child even put her hand up to stop my interruptions (of encouragement I might add 🙂 ) so that she could complete her recital, in style.

Well done to Amelia for taking on the role of Yeesha in our trip into Myst IV:Revelation. She transported us all into “her world” and intrigued us with the strange mysteries revealed by her magical necklace.

Well done too, and thankyou, to Cheryl Barker, and her colleagues for some wonderful wanderings in the world of words.

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