ICT to Inspire, Challenge & Empower all Learners – Hertfordshire

| March 19, 2008 | 15 Comments 

I was asked to give the opening keynote presentation, and a couple of workshops, at the ICT to Inspire, Challenge & Empower all Learners Conference, Hertfordshire, today.

The day ended with the HOSCARS Award Ceremony which I presented alongside Oscar, the robot.
Thank you to Ann Layzell, and her many colleagues, for a great event.

The cassettes theme spools on. What great pavement art eh?

Thank you to Ben E for the nudge towards this innovative sonic dress design made from old tape.

Also, this fascinating article at The Morning News: Please Spool to End of Tape Before Playing Other Side

Daniel Turek has created a photo page that wittily tackles the iPod vs. The Cassette debate.

DesignBoom takes a good look at the modern Cassette tape Culture and many “mods” of the old design. Some fun stuff.

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  1. Jeremy Williamson says:

    Tim, great sessions(s) today that got us really thinking – cheers!

    I asked you about searching for media file types on Google and you offered to put up a list of extensions.

  2. Peter Sadler says:

    Great session today Tim, thank you very much! The only downpoint was that I thought the holes in Mr Walker meant he was a musical instrument, and I thought I was being super creative. For once I was disappointed that I was right. I look forward to hearing you again soon.

  3. Well, I’d given up on IT conferences out of frustration (and boredom) born from listening to tech-talk, instead of talk about children learning.
    So I’m glad I made it today.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Thanks for the ideas.
    Thanks for the advice and how-to.
    And thanks for Exile which my 12yr old daughter and I played for abotu an hour tonight (until we were instructed it was time for bed) and then continued to discuss and dissect and analyse for another half hour.

    The mind mapping website worth exploring is bubbl.us.
    Robert Krampf’s experiment of the week is also great inspiration for science, if you haven’t come across him (www.krampf.com/experiment_vid.html) – my Y6 kids love him – particularly his sign-off.


  4. Fantastic event – thank you so much!!
    I really enjoyed the whole day, last year I returned to school inspired and today I came home bouncing! I love what you are doing, and am happy to be working in such an exciting field, at such inspirational times. I was honoured to receive the Hoscar award for my school. I cant wait to hear the children’s excitement and wonder at their creativity once they meet Atrus!

    You made my day today – http://www.flickr.com/photos/sharonkcooper/2345346011/


  5. Nina Pearce says:

    You are a very inspiring speaker. I did my teaching practice in in Bristol more than 30 years ago at Hartcliffe so I know what the area is and was like. I can’t wait to try getting my class to describe the scenes from myst. I can see great motivation and output from my children. Thanks

  6. Alison Morris says:

    I went to the ICT Conference at Wheathampstead yesterday rather tired and dejected, looking forward to the Easter break. Tim Rylands got me enthusiastic again about ICT. Very inspring. Thanks for that.

  7. Mark Gritten says:

    A fantastic start to the day’s ICT Conference with inspiration to take our use of technology that much further.

    We run an Alternative Curriculum for the first term for our Year 7s and we are seriously considering using Myst as a resource to stimulate and support the students across the curriculum.

    Even though I was only able to make the first half of the conference, Tim managed to inspire me in that short time – well worth seeing!


  8. Cindy Impey says:

    How I would have loved to have been taught by Tim Rylands when I was a pupil…Well perhaps Wednesday was a lesson in itself. The opening to the ICT conference showed just what fun teaching and learning can be. I have ordered Myst 3 and downloaded all the freebies and cannot wait to try it out with my year 6’s.

    Thank you.

  9. Great session. Tim was really funny and hugely entertaining. Inspirational in so many ways.
    I’ve now got loads of ideas that I will definitely use in th Summer term. The Primary Strategy needed a kick up the backside and Myst will certainly do the job.

    As well as the educational stuff there were lots of other snippets that I took away. The Pacman graph really tickled me and the doorways of doom was a great concept. I’ve spent the last couple of days creating my own ‘Doorways’ type-thing for my school website. http://www.hobbshillwood.herts.sch.uk/doorsofdoom/doorwaysHSGBA.htm

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Katie Gallagher says:

    All of the above – Tim is a wonderful, funny, truly inspiring teacher. Like many, I had that end of term feeling, tired, bit dejected… but Tim had us all sitting up, laughing and feeling excited again.
    Brilliant, thankyou – it wasn’t just a wide screen tv (which was nice…) I took away from the day.

    Many many thanks to Tim.


  11. Tim says:

    I wondered what all these kids are doing today! Seems like ages ago that we were sat in that room

  12. I can share some… from my kids.

    Year 3/4 Using Crazytalk to produce a film. Using drawings based on characters in the book Gregory Cool, recording monologues the children have written, bringing their characters to life, adding Caribbean music to titles.

    Year 5, made a stop frame animation film, about the Planets, as they ‘flew around the solar system’ using the children, huge cut out planets and 4 PE crash mats.

    Year 6, made an esafety powerpoint, and an activote quiz in Activprimary flipchart to use in esafety assembly next week.

    I still hold that conference as the most inspiring Ive attented. 🙂

  13. blog says:

    Brilliant stuff Sharon
    Can we SEE some of it?
    perhpas you can send some through and we’ll blog it
    Keep up the good work

  14. :)Sure
    I just remembered The Planets film is viewable on filmsforlearning…


    and here is a brief visual explaination of liquids solids and gas, by year 6


  15. blog says:

    Cracking stuff – keep ’em coming. 🙂

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