Courtney Primary School, South Gloucestershire

| March 25, 2008 | 3 Comments 

The first of two days at Courtney Primary School, South Gloucestershire

Today was a fun day spent exploring some of the visual literacy ideas with the staff. Tomorrow will be the chance to wander through the world of words with the children of the school.

We spent some time, today, thinking about the effect that a soundtrack has on how we feel within a game environment, film or radio play. I love the comment, by Jim Carrey, that “The trouble with real life is that there’s no danger music”.

Actually, when it comes to composing a soundtrack, I really like Sir Thomas Beecham’s wise words when he says that “There are two golden rules for an orchestra: start together and finish together. The public doesn’t give a damn what goes on in between”.

Good job, sometimes, as the cacophony we create in our soundtrack sessions often starts and finishes with style. It is laughter that can distract from a masterpiece. 🙂

We’ll tackle a bit of creative noises with the children tomorrow.

Well done, and thank you to Keith Ledbury and colleagues, for a really enjoyable visit.

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  1. Laura Holbrook says:

    Hiya Tim,
    Many thanks for today’s workshop, it was very engaging – must now fight all urges to become addicted to the Myst series!!! Have just planned a lesson for tomorrow to follow directly from your workshop with my class and caught myself smiling whilst planning – can already imagine how this will inspire and enthuse some of my more reluctant writers in Year 2!!

  2. Theresa Gee says:

    Hello Tim,
    Thanks for all the work on using myst in the classroom. Very refreshing what you said about planning and using it.
    Also liked all the helpful ICT tips.

  3. Laura Holbrook says:

    Just a few comments from todays writing after the morning workshop.
    “The hot sand is spreading over the desert and I see a kestrel as fast as a horse.” Lynton (aged 7)
    “It is sandy and I am parched” Natasha (aged 6)
    “A huge vulture is circling me” Ethan (aged 6)
    “I went into a cave it was as black as the night.” Louis (aged 7)
    “The mountains are as high as the sky.” Rosie (aged 6)
    “There is a cactus as prickly as a porcupine.” Holly (aged 7)
    “If you look up into the blue sky you can see an eagle.” Elliot (aged 7)
    anf finally
    “His wings are as colourful as a set of pens!!” (Rosie – clearly still have some work to do here!!!!)
    Many thanks!

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