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A second superb day in an Aberdeenshire primary school. This time, at Rothienorman school.

Caroline Denning, ICT Project Officer is going to tell you all about our day.

“What a fantastic day! All of the delegates at our session were totally inspired and motivated by Tim in the first session of the day.  He showed us some of the superb pieces of writing some of his children had produced.

How many of us remembered his daughter’s name?  Not one and I’m sure some doubted that the children would but Tim assured us that, yes, they would.

He only mentioned her name once, in passing, but indeed! …all the children did remember Ellie’s name.  Children do have well developed observation skills!

In the second session of the day we all went to work with some children in Noreen Hall’s class P4/5 and some P5’s from Mrs Dorsett’s class.  What an enthusiastic bunch.  Tim had them imagining he was going to shoot all the teachers with darts from his ‘Mr Walker’ walking stick.  Then they all saw colours being blown from the holes in the stick – I think, if we’re honest, we all saw the colours.

When we got into the writing session the children created some brilliant pieces of descriptive writing.  All of the children were desperate to share their work.  We had some pieces read out and the ‘thumbs up’ was given by the rest of the class.  We had the wind chimes described as a ‘fairy battle’ going on round the ‘crispy crumbling rocks’.

The children all actively shared their thoughts and got really excited when they had to choose their most favourite word and ‘dotty sparkled it’.  After a countdown they all shouted out their own choice – they ‘splatted’ Tim with words!

Lastly, with the pupils, Tim chose a boy to take on the persona of the writer in Myst.  He came down to the front and told the class a little about himself.  They began to ask him questions and he very quickly fell into character, down to the rubbing of his chin as though he had a short beard.  He even developed an accent and fell into the role as if he did that every day.

At lunch time we all had the opportunity to share experiences.  Maren from Monymusk school discussed with us how she had been using Myst in her class.  She said her children loved the game and contributed lots to the writing in the class.  She said it was nothing to do with her – it was the children!   Tim wants to ‘bottle’ her. 🙂

In the afternoon we all had a wee shot at working through Myst.  We didn’t quite want to stop and the time has flown by – and there’s MORE!”


I thoroughly enjoyed today too. A lot of creativity and laughter. Thank you to all of the staff and children today. I can see more Myst Magic happening very soon.


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  1. Julie Simpson says:

    Was amazed how quickly the children (and us!) were captured into Tim’s world! Definitely something I want to use with my P7s and share with the rest of the school. A huge thank you.

  2. Kris Withakay says:

    It’s been a great day! Thanks Tim. We’ve been bombarded with ideas and it was inspiring to take a back seat in a classroom and watch the children become immersed in the lesson. Will definitely get a copy to explore with my class.
    All the best,

  3. Lisa Spink says:

    I have been playing around with Myst at home for a while but have not been confident enough to try it out in the class. After seeing the lesson by Tim today and the enthusiasm of the children, I really feel I am ready to bring this into the class. The children today remained engaged and focussed for a considerable length of time. Many of the children produced a very descriptive piece of writing, using similes and metaphors. I am now eager to see how my class will respond to the game. Will keep you up to date with how it goes!

  4. Maren Speckels says:

    I feel even more enthusiastic now to continue using Myst III with my class. Got some excellent advice of Tim on how to slow my class down to take their time and just TAKE IT IN. What I also realised once again is that every teacher is different and needs to find their own ways of implementing Myst with their class. There is no right or wrong. Let the children inspire you – you will be surprised. Thank you Tim for a very inspiring FUN day…

  5. Caroline Anderson says:

    A truly inspirational course. I think it’s an extremely valuable resource which I look forward to using with my class (and possibly secretly at home too! I’m hooked already!). We had the pleasure of seeing Myst and Tim in action with a class of children who produced some amazing writing and who were completely ‘on task’ for WELL over a hour! It also reminds me a lot of the Storyline approach. A wee question though? How often do you use this resource with your class?

  6. Lorna Wilson says:

    A great follow up to the day on Saturday at Old Meldrum! Was especially keen to see how it worked with a class and was not disappointed. I think everyone should be able to watch a lesson being done and am sure that this would “fire up” those of us who need a little bit of inspiration in our writing lessons. I sat in with the class and watched a small boy who couldn’t put his pencil down as he was so keen to write!! Teachers dream! Then a boy was chosen to go out to the front of the class and take on the role of the owner of the greenhouse and get in to character so quickly, this was fantastic. So glad I got the chance to come and see how you work, thank you.

  7. Jim Stott says:

    I really enjoyed the day. Not only did Tim work with staff, but he worked with children. He was truly inspiring. The children were also inspired and experienced an innovative approach to writing. The dvd provides a wealth of stimuli to get boys and girls writing. Teachers will find that children from P1 upwards will be able to use MYST. I will go back to the school and work with MYST from now until the end of term. I will use it for a series of different genre experiences and hopefully the children will be stumulated to develop their work to a higher level than at present.

  8. Helen says:

    I’ve been waiting for this day for months. I first found out about Myst ages ago and was hooked from the start but I wasn’t sure if I was using it correctly. The whole day was fantastic. It was so informative and inspirational. Every school should have a day with Tim Rylands. Seeing him working with a class made such a huge difference. Every child, from the high fliers to the children who have learning diffulties were engaged and motivated for the entire hour and a half. As a Support for Learners teacher I found the whole experience magical!

  9. N Hall says:

    Wow! So good to see the class, some reluctant writers included, totally absorbed in every aspect of the demonstration lesson. Looking forward to getting back to read /hear the childrens’ writing and comments about the morning- they loved it!

    Thank you very much

  10. pauline says:

    What an inspiring day. So so much to work with. I can see many myst hours for myself and LOTs of creatrive writing for the children. There is a class in Rothienorman where everyone knows what a simile and a metaphor is.

  11. Brodie says:

    Hi Tim

    I really liked your metaphor and similie lesson. I felt that I learnt a lot. It was like all our lessons rolled into one, like a great big fruit salad. Yummy :o)


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