“May Day May Day May Day”! for three schools in Germany

| May 1, 2008 | 2 Comments 

Today, all of the staff from the three schools I have worked with during this week in Germany, Lister school in Herford, Sir John Mogg School,  Detmold, and Weser School, in Hameln, gathered together at Weser school, for some more wanderings through the wonderful world of words.

May Day is a public holiday in Germany, but these folk travelled a long way, through the holiday traffic, to Hameln.

A great bunch with a superb sense of humour who have made me feel incredibly welcome today, and throughout my whole trip. Thank you!

Mayday or May Day ?

Try Woodlands page of fascinating English May Day facts

Well done to Lynn and Kate for conducting some May Day Myst Musical Madness!

Well done to Ali Newnes, Lisa Humphries, Kay Yang, Sarah Gray, Claire Russell, Lynn Gill, Margaret Fairhurst, Jon Gill, Sandy Churchwarden, Tracey Churchill, Liz Millar, Jacqui Turner, Rosemary Rycut, Linda Greenward, Mike Silavani, Kerry Oliver, Tony Chester, Emma Scarisbrick, Leslie Morgan, Claire Morgan, Sophie Bickle, Emma Griffiths, Kate Kefford, Sarah Newton, and Sharon Wilson for a fun day. Auf wiedersehen!

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  1. Tony Chester says:

    Here’s a thought – if the cats eye man had seen the cat walking away from him on the way home, would he have invented a pencil sharpener? …. Is that surreal enough for you?

    The comment from one member of staff was , ” I wish all training days were like this , useful , Fun and INSPIRING; I can’t wait to try some of this.”

    We had a great two days the kids really enjoyed their sessions with you and produced some fantastic ideas and writing . It did not matter if they were Y1 or Y6 , good writers or reluctant writers, their work showed your approach works. There is no doubt Myst will become part of our wider curriculum and not just mine.

    Tony Chester – Weser School. Hameln

  2. Alex Thorp says:

    A fantastic day of training, thank you!
    I am totally addicted to Myst and can’t wait to see how it inspires the writing across the school.
    Thank you once again!

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