Gorsemoor Primary School, Staffordshire

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I always enjoy working with larger groups of children, perhaps in a hall. It means that more children get to experience some wanderings in the world of words. It also means that more staff can observe and share their experiences.

So I really enjoyed myself today at Gorsemoor Primary school in Staffordshire.

We spent the day in the school hall, with a huge image and excellent, atmospheric sound. All of the children, from Year Two to Year Six, took off and flew with their descriptive narrative.



One of the best, funniest ideas was that there may be a lost city beyond the hills.

We had a giggle about that concept. I mean, to lose a house would be a bit silly. To lose a village would be more than a little careless. But, to lose a whole city…?! Well… “I am sure I came out with a city this morning. Perhaps I put it down somewhere. Has any body seen my city?!”

Mind you, I bought a pack of three camouflage nets. I put them down somewhere and now I can’t find them. I draped one camouflage net over my car to dry. Now, I can’t find my car! (I can’t claim that last thought as an original. They are the words of the wonderful Les Barker. Les is putting up a typically stoic, and some might say, humorous, fight against cancer at the moment. I wish him well. Read the funny goings-on with camouflage nets HERE.

Gorsemoor are rightly proud of the facilities they have to offer staff and pupils alike.
They are an ICT register school and were one of the first 100 schools nationally to attain the status of ICT Mark, awarded by the government agency known as BECTA.

In addition they are also an Ambassador school for Espresso,  the online subscription service, that gives us access to a wealth of video materials and on line activities for the pupils. There are only about 20 Ambassador schools in the country and Gorsemoor were amongst the first 10.

Well done to Paul Bennett, Rebecca Palmer, the staff and pupils of Gorsemoor and visiting schools, for a fun filled frolic in the dales of description! Thanks too to Stephan Richardson for technical support!

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