Warboys School, Cambridgeshire

| May 21, 2008 | 3 Comments 

Another gloriously sunny day and another gloriously sunny school. This time, Warboys School, in Cambridgeshire. What fun! Challenges and achievements.

We had some fun in three lessons and then explored even further in an after school staff meeting. I am grateful to the Year 1 and 2 children who enjoyed the lesson so much that they wrote some lovely thank you cards in the afternoon.

In talking with some of the children about the beautiful landscapes we encountered, I was reminded of the glorious Love Earth website.

It is a huge and wonderful eco-site and well worth investigating.

There are so many areas of this planet that have landscapes and features you might consider beyond possible. For example:

Uzbekistan. This place in Uzbekistan, or Turkmenistan,┬áis called, by locals, “The Door to Hell”. It is situated near the small town of Darvaz. Once geologists were drilling for gas. Then, during the drilling, they found an underground cavern. It was so big that the drilling site, with all the equipment and camps, fell deep under the ground. Nobody dared to go down there because the cavern was filled with gas. In the end, they ignited the fumes so that no poisonous gas could come out of the hole. Since then, it has been burning, for 35 years, without pause.

It reminded me of my favourite ever title to give children, when you’ve run out of planning (!). Plain and simple: “The Hole” I have had a remarkable range of stories, including falling down a hole of course, and a deep tale about holes in clothes that were there due to peer pressure. (I will see if I can dig Sue Terry’s tale out from the pile of analogue gems I have in a drawer somewhere.)

QuicktimeVR’s and panoramas are superb tools for stimulating discussion as well. Some of the best can be found at Panoramas.dk, a huge and glorious collection of QTVRs of every landscape and event imaginable.

Thank you to the staff and children of Warboys, and those from neighbouring schools, for a lovely lope through the landscapes of literature today.

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  1. Simon Godwin says:

    Thanks Tim for a really entertaining ad enterprising day. I’m not sure who got more out of it, the children or the adults. The children created some fantastic literacy in a short amount of time and were left wanting more; what more could a teacher ask for?! My apologies for pinching your camcorder (Ithought it was ours!) but the videos I hope will be useful in future to re-inspire the jaded. The powerpoint thing was great too and I’m already trying to figure ways to fit it into our topic work for next 1/2 term.
    T’was a good day at Warboys and the sun did shine. As for Mr Walker- what a stand up guy (ooh, sorry)

  2. kevin Cook says:

    Thanks for a wonderfull morning. You truley do inpsire and have inspired me to use this game for my Literacy. In fact I used the picture of Amateria to our poetry when I got back to achool after Warboys.

  3. Ellie Scott says:

    Hello tim
    Im one of the students in that class at warboys cp school ur really funny and i wanted to thank you for visiting our school it was a great pleasure. THANK YOU!!!!

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