Cornwall, Head of English (Secondary) Annual Conference

| June 18, 2008 | 8 Comments 
A fun and fascinating day at Lanhydrock golf course with Heads of English from secondary schools, Pupil Referral Units, and Special Schools across Cornwall.
We explored the world of visual literacy and how to motivate students in the areas of speaking, listening and writing.
As well as the amazing “ages” within Myst, there are many other ways to stimulate discussion and creativity.

A group of us also discussed our worst and favourite words. My “least favourite” word is “PAMPHLET”

Here is an interestng list of 223 of “the best” words in English.

Thank you to John Morey, Kim Bishop, Wendy Delf, Sue Pike (and Claire Lamden) from the Cornwall Education Development Service, for a very enjoyable wander through the world of words.

Thank you to all colleagues today, who matched the glorious scenery around us, with their sunny dispositions and humour. Well done to Sam Coleborne, for conducting a glorious soundscape too. (Watch this space for the film!!)

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  1. Lots of great ideas – even for a games novice! Am wandering around the site trying out things to use. Really looking forward to seeing it in action in the classroom.

  2. John Morey says:

    Thank you, Tim, for a fantastic day. It was a very skilfully judged balance of inspiration with accessible ideas and resources, many of which are already in our hands but had lain unxeploited. The day seemed to go so quickly – and you covered such lot of ground. The presentations you offered us were really impressive, but unlike some, you were happy to explain how these had been put together and to demystify (yes, a pun there!) the process of creating them. We’re very much looking forward to seeing you again in September.

  3. Sue Pike says:

    Thanks for an inspiring day! The Myst ideas were great and I’m definitely going to spend some hours exploring the game and your website. Thanks for all the other excellent tips for using ICT to enhance writing. I also loved the ideas for developing speaking and listening skills. Creativity with commas! Great!

  4. Polly Retallack says:

    Thank you for an incredibly inspiring day! I went to work in North Cornwall PRU with renewed energy and vigour today. I felt totally empowered to lead a lesson in Creative Writing with two Year 8, Level 2 students … didn’t use Myst (yet!!!) as I would like to be completely confident with it first. However, comma (!!!!!), I used the landscape around us with the giant wind turbines as the basis for my creative writing lesson and it worked!!!! Without realising, the students had created two beautifully written pieces of work full of similes and metaphors! THANK YOU! I think more than anything that your presentation yesterday freed me from the normal constraints imposed upon us as teachers and the boxes we should tick and allowed me to relax and enjoy teaching as I used to! This, in turn, allowed the students to express themselves without boundaries and produce wonderful confidence boosting pieces of work. THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Jane Griffiths says:

    Thank you Tim, for a really inspiring day. Am already hooked on ‘Myst’. May have to change my name to Margaret! Seriously, I came back to Tretherras full of enthusiasm for new ways of inspiring the students. We are all really looking forward to your visit in September.

  6. Kim Bishop says:

    Thank you Tim
    Such a wonderful day – have recieved several emails from colleagues who left the course ‘buzzing’ with ideas and are eager for more! Really looking forward to working with you again in September

  7. Chris Beedham says:

    Glad you found my walkthrough for Samorost 2 useful, Tim!

  8. Lynn Waters says:

    Thank you SO much for the fantastic day…you really are an inspiration and so much fun. I look forward to your return visit next term.

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