Kent ICT Conference 2008

| July 3, 2008 | 21 Comments 

Now THAT was really good fun!!

I was honoured to be asked to present an extended keynote for the afternoon of the Kent ICT Conference 2008.

About 200 folk at the Ashford International Hotel.

It is a huge risk for an authority to ask someone to witter away for a whole afternoon! But, it was a very enjoyable experience because everyone was up for some fun, and challenges too.

I provided more than a few “heart in the mouth” moments too, as I nearly disappeared through the backdrop a couple of times. I blame gravity rather than my wobbly leggies!

A superb event, with speakers and suppliers from all around the country.

I was amazed to find out that 2Simple are in the last few days of an incredible 10th birthday offer: an 80% off everything deal.  Incredible isn’t it!!!

Schools get 28 programs on site licences forever! PLUS – they are giving all the children at those schools access to Simple City and 2Type online so they can use them at home too!

A remarkable and VERY generous offer – get in quick!

Well done to Carolann, who won an Asus minibook and survived The Doors of Doom Challenge.

Discovered Issuu recently. A way to publish online.

Some super FREE music at the Sounds Font site

I mentioned the use of Quick Time VRs again today. is one of the best sites for finding these great little ways of stimulating discussion and creativity.

 Mentioned these recently but, a really useful tool when recording podcasts or filming films with a large amount of script (e.g. reading out some Myst writings) is Cue Prompter, a free autocue.

Cut and Paste text into the window and it automatically scrools up the screen at the speed and size you find most useful.

Try this nifty little tool: an on screen/ whiteboard friendly way to make your own word magnets. This clever idea transforms your text into ‘magnets’ which can be dragged around the screen, colour coded and re-sized. You can also add new magnets at any time and remove any magnets that you no longer wish to use. Great for writing a shared text or looking at word order in sentences.

Also, come up with your own Thriller Story titles.

Don’t forget to take the time to stand still in each QTVR (Quick time virtual reality) Panorama and write or discuss – before you even think about moving. It is the first movement that creates a bit of magic when using these with children.

Have fun!

Thank you to Cathie Edwards, Doug Smart and colleagues for a super day. Thank you too, to Graham King for pickies through the day.

We had a huge amount of definitions of Ellie’s new word “Fligminkle” We’ll post ’em on the blog when we get a chance…

A few goodies included: when ICT equipment, which was working a few moments ago, fails. “My interactive whiteboard fligminkled in front of an Ofsted inspector!” (Heather Bird)

Fligminkle: The muck I scrape off the boittom of my boat (Robert Dudridge)

Fligminkle: “What lingers at the bottom of a child’s tray at the end of term!” (Rachel Nash)

Fligminkle: “That feeling, when you have just started the dishwasher and you find a mug on the living room floor” (Lucy Henderson)

See what you’ve started Elles.

More to follow… In the meantime, don’t be shy folks. File a comment, my widdlers.

(Due to admin-itis, if I haven’t contacted you and you were one of the bods interested in more (!!!) drop me a line 🙂 )

UPDATE: Instead of replying to the truly lovely E-MAILS and comments after today’s event, can I thank all those so far for your generous and thoughtful comments. Some enchanting new definitions of “Fligminkle” too.

Perhaps the most delightful definition I have heard so far is from Carolyn Lewis: Fligminkle- the fluttering touch of a moth’s wing against a lit window at night.

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  1. Kevin says:


  2. j merritt says:

    Very inspirational. I wish all my colleagues could have been there today.

  3. I knew it would be good, otherwise the BETT judges a few years ago, would never have made you ‘Teacher of the Year’, your presentation was as great as your dancing!
    We were the lucky ones who attended the Conference and were given such an entertaining , fun and yet informational afternoon. So many ideas to take away and try out, nothing too complex, well maybe ‘Photoshop’ if you don’t use it like me and it’s on the ICT list of ‘Skills still to be learnt!”

    Thank you and Sarah for opening up new possibilities and challenges for us to use with our pupils and for giving us all a laugh!

  4. Joyce Day says:

    Such a good afternoon – I have been on my computer since I got home – checking out all the new things I can do. I can’t wait to show them to some of my Margaret’s at school tomorrow!!

  5. Richard says:

    Thank you for a fun and interesting talk this afternoon. It was truly fligminkle!

    Sorry if I am preempting you, but you also mentioned Crazy Talk and Gadwin PrintScreen. I’m also going to have a play with The Hat and try to work out why it didn’t pick me.

  6. Joyce Day says:

    PS I am sure Fligminkle must be the chewing gum that is stuck under a chairs by the children in classrooms!

  7. Matt Gowen says:

    Thank you for a truly inspiring afternoon – how unusual to be unable to nod off during the “graveyard” slot on an INSET day! Your ideas were clearly the tip of the iceburg and I’ll be a regular visitor to your site. I won’t let anyone in my school know your web address – I don’t want them to discover the source of my new suddenly inspiring ideas!

    Matt Gowen
    Director of ICT
    Norton Knatchbull School, Ashford

  8. Martin Harper says:

    This was just the most inspiring speech(?), I have ever had the pleasure of attending. It was fantastic to listen to someone who was delighted by, and working with, children. I just wanted to rush back to school and have a go.

  9. Andrea says:

    Enjoyed your afternoon – fantastic.

    Fligminkle- the condensation that forms in the bottom of my saxophone and drips out onto my skirt!
    Keep up the good work!

  10. Carolyn says:

    Tim, you made my day!!
    You wouldn’t notice the awesome way I managed to retain lunch despite joining in the rollercoaster ride, or the thoughts of “Yesssssss” beaming your way with each new example of imaginative excitement. But the children are, as always, your best evidence of success.
    Now we need to get the policy-maker bods, who drive desks, to explore their imaginations in the ways you described, then perhaps they’d let teachers get on and teach.
    Fligminkle:- the fluttering touch of a moth’s wing against a lit window at night. 🙂

  11. Michelle Brayford says:

    I agree with all the above. Has given me lots of ideas for next term. A few things to try with my current class as well. Looking forward to sharing ideas with staff.

  12. blog says:

    UPDATE: Instead of replying to the truly lovely E-MAILS and comments after today’s event, can I thank all those so far for your generous and thoughtful comments. Some enchanting new definitions of “Fligminkle” too.

    Perhaps the most delightful I have heard so far is from Carolyn Lewis: Fligminkle- “The fluttering touch of a moth’s wing against a lit window at night”.

    Due, as I said before, to admin-itis, if I haven’t contacted you and you were one of the bods interested in more (!!!) drop me a line

  13. Lucy says:

    The first time in ages I haven’t struggled not to doze off in the afternoon after one of Ashford International’s lunches.

    What a true inspiration to remind us mere mortals what teaching should be all about!

    Thank you Mr Walker (& your friend Tim)

  14. Sharon Dilley says:

    “Oh fligminkle!!” It’s midnight and i’m still surfing around following up the new ideas and resources that you led me through, laughing, this afternoon – Thank-you doesn’t seem to quite cut it really!! :o)

  15. Matt Evans says:

    Nothing to add that ain’t been said!
    But to visit and not comment seems rude.
    Truly great ideas, I look forward to the WOW! factor that I KNOW will greet ‘Myst’ in class (just waiting expectantly for my Amazon delivery). Of course that will mean I have to play the game first to be truly familiar with the content, I am sure my family will understand that it is work!
    Fligminkle – That five more minutes on a computer game that lasts for several hours.

  16. Sonja Weed says:

    WOW!! It’s a mark of a good afternoon when 2 hours vanish as quickly as 5 minutes. Great resources and ideas presented in such an inspirational and witty way. I’ve aleady used the powerpoint idea of making notes – brilliant! Have ordered my myst game and can’t wait for the new term to start.
    Thank you, Tim. Am bugging my head to book you!

    Fligminkle – the gunk in the corner of my dog’s eye

  17. Andy Place says:

    Fligminkle- all those excited teachers desperately trawling the internet at midnight to find the last copy of ‘Myst’ and at the cheapest possible price- (all school budgets are tight now especially if they have just taken up the bargain 2 Simple offer!)
    A truely ingenious way to engage children to talk and write. I’m sure your new friend Rand Miller is also over the moon as well.
    Thank you for an inspiring day, I’m sure children all around Kent will be mystified but truely grateful, as their traditional literacy lessons are transformed and become out of this world!

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