Termoncanice Primary, Limavady, Northern Ireland

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A GREAT day at Termoncanice Primary, Limavady, Northern Ireland.

We really enjoyed the incredibly generous and warm hospitality of Seamus Coyle (who is the principle of Termoncanice)¬†and his wife Philly, at “Chez Coyle”. What charming hosts!

We relished a delicious meal at The Lime Tree Restaurant, in Limavady, (recently visited by Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen, although how he avoided dipping those frilly cuffs in the scrumptious soup I don’t know!) and some lilting crooning from Seamus, set us up for our Irish visit.

Limavady is most famous for the tune Londonderry Air collected by Jane Ross in the mid-19th century from a local fiddle player. She later used the tune for the song Danny Boy.

We talked about different ways of recording and publishing children’s work.

What it a pleasure it was to meet Jimmy Stewart from “C2K” and talk about the superb infrastructure that the Northern Ireland schools have in their ICT set up.

Kevin Coyle and he were rightly enthusing about their Media Scape projects.

A mediascape is composed of sounds, images and video placed outside in a local area. To see the images and video, and hear the sounds you need a handheld computer (PDA) and a pair of headphones. An optional GPS unit can automatically trigger the images, video and sounds in the right places.

To create a mediascape, you start with a digital map of your local area. Using special, free software, you can attach digital sounds, pictures and video to places that you choose on the map.

Kevin, along with Eamonn and Hilda, from Termoncanice, have been developing some superb landscape experiences, where children can explore an area and interact with audio and visual nuggets that stimulate, engage and motivate them to dig deeper into a region and its events.

Thank you to Seamus Coyle, and his colleagues for a very enjoyable first day in Northern Ireland, and first day back in the academic year 2008/2009

A BIG welcome to Sarah Neild, joining me full time… Here we go… watch this (s)pace…

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  1. Brian Lamb says:

    2-3 December 2008 – mscapeFest08 in Belfast
    Tim – the international Mediascapes conference is being held in Belfast this year. I work with Kevin on using the software in schools in Northern Ireland and the conference is a great opportunity for schools to hear about the tool and get free introductory training.

    Constance Fleuriot is leading a special intorductory workshop for schools covering:

    * Introduction to mediascapes, including trying one out.
    * How is the technology adopted successfully in schools.
    * What are the logistics, including equipment.
    * Using the technology, including experience guidelines.
    * How do mediascapes fit into the curriculum.

    Various invited audience members will offer case studies of their experiences in schools and spark off discussion about future use.

    Lunch will be included andKein is speaking as well.

    Visit the mscapers site to find out more:


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