Rainey Endowed School, Northern Ireland

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Rainey Endowed School, or ‘The Rainey’ as it is known locally and to all have attended or taught in it, was founded by Mr Hugh Rainey, an iron smelter and wealthy merchant in the Magherafelt district. He was an elder in the Presbyterian Congregation of Castledawson, which at that time included Magherafelt.

As a result of a vow made to God for his protection and favour he, by his will dated 11 April 1707, devoted one half of his estate to fund a charity school for 24 boys, “sons of parents who were of good report and reduced to poverty”. After three years instruction the boys were to be given a suit of clothes and ¬£2.50 for an apprentice fee.

In his Will, Hugh Rainey wrote “that what I have left may not only be for a generation or two, but that it may be for many not yet born . . .”

An excellent school, and a great setting for a training day today with staff from the school and with colleagues from neighbouring  schools.

A day full of laughter. Thank you.

Thank you to Principal, Robert Robinson, and his colleagues for an excellent event.

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