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We really enjoyed today at Holywell Primary School, Watford sharing the day with Pie Corbett. We were also joined by staff from Peartree school in Welwyn Garden City.

It was a really strong move of Holywell head teacher, Mahrukh Mistry, to pair up the complementary ideas and concepts of Pie, in the morning, and ourselves in the afternoon.

Pie investigated the power of story telling and this led beautifully in to discovering ways of stimulating writing by using virtual landscapes (and a lot more!)

The school is ready to explore the power of virtual worlds as they have a Virtual Tour of the school on their website, created by i-spy360

Love the idea of virtual worlds and installations. The test of any good installation environment is how children respond and few I’ve seen get this kind of intuitive response. Theo Watson and Emily Gobeille, made ‘Funky Forest‘ which premiered at the 2007 Cinekid festival in the Netherlands. ‘Funky Forest’ is an interactive ecosystem where children create trees with their body and then divert the water flowing from the waterfall to the trees to keep them alive. The health of the trees contributes to the overall health of the forest and the types of creatures that inhabit it.

Another excellent virtual world, this time on-line, is Adventure Rock.

Adventure Rock is a 3D virtual environment offering exploration and creative opportunities for children to experiment with music, drawing and animation. The online world is a themed island built for the BBC’s CBBC.

Children explore the world and use message boards so they can share what they find and what they make in the various creative studios dotted around the virtual space. The virtual world does not allow chat. The BBC wants to protect children and thus disable any communication between the game users and potential problems.

For more information and to download the game visit the site HERE

Ideal for a computer/lunch time club.

On the subject of virtual worlds, any iPhone users will be fascinated to hear that Myst is being adapted for the iPhone soon.

Thank you to head teacher, Mahrukh Mistry, for organising a superb structured event.

It was a joy to spend some time with Pi and we look forward to meeting up again and exploring the world of words. Here, by the way, is a nice little cartoon about another kind of Pi(e):

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  1. Simon King says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you Tim for an inspiring inset. I’m looking forward to taking my pupils on a journey using the software you recommended. I’m also grateful to you for reminding us to take time and open and creative in teaching and planning.
    Simon King

  2. Karina Mead says:

    I wanted to say a huge thank you for inspiring me today. I now have many ideas of things I can do to improve my little ones learning in the nursery. Also thank you for feeding my brain with the hyperlink knowledge and the print screen information, I found it really interesting. It has definitely been a very useful and interesting inset day, I hope we have more like this one.

  3. Mahrukh Mistry says:

    Hi Tim,

    When I first met you at the ICT Conference, I knew instantly that our school would draw great inspiration from you and yesterday’s INSET confirmed it. Your charisma, creativity and most engaging delivery will be remembered by everybody at Holywell School. I know how busy your diary is and therefore I am exceedingly appreciative of the fact that you were able to ‘squeeze’ us in at relatively short notice. Thank you so much. A special thank you to Sarah, too.
    Mahrukh Mistry

  4. Ann Richards says:

    Hi Tim

    Thank you very much for such an enjoyable and fun INSET. Your ideas are great and I can’t wait to try them out. I consider myself a bit of a ‘Margaret’ at times! but I have used lots of things from your locked page and it worked!

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