Colindale Primary School, Barnet

| September 2, 2008 | 1 Comment 

A very enjoyable day at Colindale Primary School, Barnet with staff joining us from Fairway Primary, also in Barnet.

A nice few cuppas today. They know how to make toast too! A lovely aroma of welcome wafted across our nostrils as we entered the building, which is already full of gorgeous displays as well.

Thank you to Sally Lajalati and Jan Parker, and their colleagues, for a really enjoyable day.

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  1. Simon Putman says:

    Tim, I just want to say that the day was fantastic, really inspirational and fun. I think that teachers should not be afraid to take the “risks” we experienced today. We are only limited by our own ideas of “what the powers that be “(whoever they are?) expect teachers to do. In the light of the buzz surrounding creativity and Every Child Matters, all colleagues should experience a day like this one. One of the clear messages for me, is that how powerful teaching is when it is a shared learning journey, taken with all children of all abilities and one in which you sometimes do not know where you will end up. I was so encouraged that someone is out there, like you, providing an opportunity to think out of the box and embrace creativity and run with it!
    In my previous school we challenge fixed ability labelling, children are given choices in maths, science and literacy, in fact the whole curriculum is centred around children making choices about their learning. I believe and always will believe that everyone can be a writer and it is through the raising of self-esteem that long term success can be achieved. Your inspirational INSET strengthened my ethos and when I reflect on the day, not once did any colleague bring up questions about ” what do we do about the special needs children …or gifted and talented”- how refreshing is that! At Fairway we will be using a lot of your ideas and will be introducing a curriculum free from ability labelling, I think it will be a brilliant year, and I look forward to sending you the children’s writing. Cheers!

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