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| September 3, 2008 | 6 Comments 

Today was interesting because, technically, we were at a school that doesn’t yet exist! (Cue spooky music.)

Well, OK it does and it doesn’t.

We were at an event organised by Dr. Paul Mortimer, Academy Principal Designate of The Isle of Sheppey Academy. The day was hosted by Minster School.

Today I presented alongside Dave Whyley, (from Wolverhampton and Learning2go), Martin Blows and our great friend, the journalist, and collector of inspirational people, Merlin John.

Education on Sheppey is presently served by the three tier system. Kent is proposing to bring Sheppey education in line with the rest of the county by moving to a two tier structure. The Academy will thus be the provider for secondary provision for students on Sheppey.

A major milestone was reached only at the beginning of the summer holidays with the signing of a Funding Agreement.  The transformation of the primary and secondary phases of education on the Island can begin.

The new Academy will open on the existing sites of Minster College and Cheyne Middle School on 1 September 2009, with an investment of £54 million in new buildings, scheduled for completion by September 2011.  The proposed Academy will have a total student number of 2450 students split evenly into 5 separate schools.

With a few folk, we were discussing how the phrase “embedding ICT” has actually become much more natural for many teachers now. There are many subject areas where ICT resources are abundant, and teacher skills are increasing.

Design and technology is an area a few bods felt they had less experience using ICT effectively.

Starting simply: A fun site with some free nets of 3-D models to print and make. (Click on the model) all though printing a pdf doesn’t stretch the use of ICT too far.

Focus Educational Software have three excellent titles for Primary age DT, my favourite being their mechanical toys CD-ROM. It encourages students of all abilities to conduct their own investigations into the basic principles of mechanisms, including cams, levers, pulleys and gears.

Thank you to Principal, Paul Mortimer, and to his colleagues, for a really inspiring day.

Good luck to all on The Isle of Sheppey for the future changes, challenges and opportunities.


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  1. Barbara McLeod says:

    Absolutely fantastic! If that doesn’t inspire our teachering staff to use ICT I don’t know what will!!
    Thank you.

  2. Barbara McLeod says:

    Okay I submitted before I edited the spelling! I changed my mind mid sentence, I can spell ‘teaching’ – honest

  3. steph curtis says:

    Brilliant day – thank you Tim. Incidentally we are teaching keyboarding as part of our ICT scheme of work at Danley – we trialled this last year as a starter to our lessons using – which is fun using games and certificates as incentives, and our pupils keyboarding skills and overall levels have dramatically improved!

  4. Josie Allies (Danley Middle School) says:

    Paul McKenna meets Russell Brand (minus profanities) is perhaps how I would describe Tim Ryland’s presentation this afternoon. I was entranced for the entire duration of his two hour address as he amused and entertained with anecdotes and random asides. As a member of the audience I felt that he took me on a journey opening many doors. Behind one of the doors was a rollercoaster ride, I felt myself daunted by the prospect of embracing a whole new approach to using ICT in my teaching and yet thrilled at the opportunity to derail my previous understanding of embedding ICT in order to build a new track. Another door lead to a new world, unfamiliar and MYSTifying, technologically advanced for an ICT immigrant like myself. Tim offered to be a guide in order to signpost new possibilities in order to broaden my horizons. I am looking forward to becoming a ICT native.

    Thank you Tim for an invigorating afternoon. All too often speakers don’t know how to speak. Their knowledge is excellent but their performance is without passion. You clearly love what you do. You’re clearly extremely good at it and I genuinely hope to baldly go through another door with you again in the future.

  5. Judy Foggo says:

    Inspiring and entertaining – obviously in tune with the audience.

  6. Simon Tighe says:

    Fantastic presentation, as a newly qualified English teacher I am familiar with ICT but didn’t really have a clear idea of how to use it to bring an English lesson to life like that. Thanks for opening my eyes, if you have any more great ideas/resources send them my way.

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