Newquay Tretherras School, Cornwall

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First day working as an (even more) unbalanced (!) lop-sided chap, with my arm in plaster, so thankfully it was at a such a friendly and welcoming place as Newquay Tretherras School in Cornwall.

It is not until you can’t use a hand you realise how much you do use it. My mouse control created a few laughs.

The day started in Key Stage 4 with some Year 10 students, and two of the lads immersed themselves in role playing Yeesha’s brother and a translator. With flare, they responded to questions from their classmates, offerring creative, imaginative, and often very entertaining replies. Thanks Lads!

Well done to the students and staff for offering many helpful hands through, what turned out to be a tremendous and funny stumble through the world of words.

A special Thank You to Jane Griffiths, for organising such a successful and enjoyable day’s training involving the members of her English Department, and beyond. Her conducting skills were very inventive and I secured her authograph for prosperity.

Toby (the only male in the English Department) confidently tackled the Doors of Doom Challenge and survived!


Read this document on Scribd: Drawing Dynamic Hands

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  1. nathan bennetts says:

    A big thank you for today thouroughly enjoyed your talk and showing us Myst and other little bits that i can take back to my school and share and use.

    When the picture of the BBC computer flashed certainly brought back memories of how i was taught and how i spent lunchtimes and after school glued to the cream coloured monitors engrossed in MUD’s ( multi user dungeons). They were text based adventures such as Cave and as the BBC’s were networked, we could communicate to each other whilst exploring the environments and that kept us so captivated to the screens although we also found out through some older children that we could change the values of our character if we pressed escape on the load up. lol

    As those basic text based programs excited me no doubt with Myst my learners will be enthused with a more updated approach.

    thanks again and i do not own a villa in Spain but now i can explore the lush environments of Myst although at the moment I am also building my empire in Civilization IV


  2. K Parish says:

    Today was inspiring on many levels. I was really impressed with how quickly the students engaged with the concept. It was fascinating how they allowed themselves to be absorbed into the world Tim created. I am now determined to use the approaches Tim used with my class of very reluctant Year 11 boys in order to help motivate their creative writing skills.
    Thanks again for a day that has really helped to refresh and reinvigorate my teaching approaches. I look forward to the results!

  3. jane griffiths says:

    The English Department had a truly fantastic day with Tim Rylands and Sarah on Monday 15th September. Everyone, including year 7 and 10, year 9 SEN students as well as all staff that joined us from Treviglas and partner primary schools – we all had a really amazing time. Without doubt, staff and students were inspired by Tim’s methods and enthusiam and the students’ writing reflected this. Thank you very much to both Tim and Sarah for such a great day. All staff went home at the end of a very long day ‘buzzing’.

  4. Kat Fletcher says:

    Wow, a spellbinding day that inspired staff and students alike. I enjoyed having a tour of the incredible lands in Myst and Revelations and can’t wait to use it across the key stages to make lessons much more interactive and imaginative. By the end of the day the only thing that worried me was how dull my lessons prep’d for the next day seemed in comparison to Tim’s!
    Thanks again to both of you for a great day!

  5. the only male says:

    tim manages to lay bare the elusive link between reading and talking and writing – it’s fascinating to watch him work. a great example of why we teachers need to keep learning from each other: how as well as what.

    and where doors of doom are concerned, i’m a winner.

    thanks to sarah and tim for the experience.

  6. P Renyard says:

    Thanks soooo much for coming – went home feeling really excited about using loads of new ideas and really keen to plan some lessons!! Great to see how you’re thinking outside the box with ways to use ICT, it was also really encouraging to hear how you’ve inspired kids who didn’t think they could write ‘like that’.
    Keep it up!
    Thanks for a cool day!

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