Curnow School, Cornwall

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Curnow is a large special school in the beautiful county of Cornwall.

They cater for children and students between 2 and 19 and all have severe learning difficulties (SLD), with many also having sensory or medical needs.

Children and students come from a large geographical area:  from Newquay on the north coast, to Coverack on the Lizard to Hayle in Penwith.  We cover an area of approximately 170 square miles, and all the children and students travel in daily.

The school believes strongly that the most effective way of helping their children and students to learn is through the development of appropriate systems of communication.  So we had some great fun this afternoon.

We took the students on a sensory journey. A virtual beach trip! The weather has been so unpredictable and disappointing this year, even in the normally sunny Cornwall, so it was a relief to catch a glimpse of the sun on our journey in to Myst III:Exile. I don’t know whether I got a sun tan or if that was just a flush of excitement from seeing so many smiles.

If you want some excellent resources for sensory experiences, visit Pete Wells’ brilliant site.

UPDATE: His site seems to be undergoing some re arrangement so a lot of his humorous presentation materials can be found HERE.

The Plasma Screen and Whiteboard site contains a large amount of detailed resources split in to sections on Cause and Effect, Sensory Stories, Targetting and Choosing and Visual Stimulation. Each unit is linked with relevant P scales.

The Priory Woods School website contains a brilliant selection of music videos and animations that can be used to develop cause & effect and targeting skills.

Philip Whittaker has created a group of simple flash animations to develop targeting skills.

There are many different sign languages. I’d only manage half of any of them being currently one-handed. (Have I told you I broke my hand? Yes, Tim!). Handspeak is a website that gives an introduction to just one of those diverse methods of communication.

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  1. Rachel Shaw says:

    A big thank you from the secondary pupils at Curnow school for your fun lesson and introduction to Myst Exile. Today we went on a “breathtaking” “nail biting” “stomac churning” roller coaster ride – it was fab! p.s. we came up with these descriptions

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