St Ives School, Cornwall

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I can only apologise for the delay in getting this post up about our visit to St Ives School, especially as the trip was so much fun.

Thank you to Patrick Swayne and his class for an enjoyable stumble through the world of words.

One lass bore a uncanny resemblance to Yeesha, the main character in MYST IV:Revelation. She also rose to the challenge of responding to some probing questions from her classmates as she took on the role of her double.

After all the virtual beach trips we take children on we were lucky enough to do it for real and had a beautiful explore on St Ives beach with bright blue skies and hot Indian Summer sunshine.

Talking of virtual, Flash Earth is an experimental application for viewing satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth from multiple mapping websites inside a single Flash-based interface.  It is not designed to be a fully-fledged mapping application but more for enjoying and exploring images of our planet.

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