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After weeks of anticipation, it was a great pleasure to make it up to the North West again to work alongside the Warrington ICT and Literacy consultants and colleagues from schools across the authority.

We had a quick look at the power and potential of blogging. Warrington itself has three excellent and regularly maintained blogs: Get IT Write, Visual Literacy and Warrington ICT.

Thank you to Chris Beedham and her colleagues for a well organised and fun filled, buzzing event.

Looking forward to a day of lessons at Woolston Community Primary School observed by colleagues attending today’s course.

I have referred to ways of making an internet search more accurate and on target before. A few folk today asked for some more guidance with this.

1. Banish tension by using extensions.

One of the best ways to search for a file is to add the file extension, or file type, you are looking for.

(All file extensions are preceded by a dot (or full stop) and tell the computer which program or programs are to be used to open that kind of file.)

This can be useful when looking up movie files, images, sounds, and many other document formats.

For example, if you are doing your science planning and are about to spend hours making a PowerPoint presentation about the parts of a plant, save your time.

Try a search for “parts of a plant” and you will come up with hundreds of results.

However, now add “.ppt” (one of the file extensions for PowerPoint) and you will find many, and, some of them, very good presentations about plants and their anatomy. (You could also use “.pps”)

Below are just some of the main “file extension” labels you might find useful in narrowing down a search.

If you are looking for an audio clip, try the name you want (e.g. dog barking, or the name of a TV theme) and one of the following extensions (remembering to put a “dot” before the group of letters)

Films and movie clips might be followed by one of these extensions:


Pictures or graphics:

Word documents:


Flash files e.g. whiteboard activities:


There are many other file extensions, but these might get you going to begin with.

Happy hunting!

Do let me know of any obvious (or less obvious) ones I’ve missed.

Thanks Geoff for the reminder of .pdf for… well… pdfs. 🙂

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  1. Clare Bouch says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for an inspiring course. I can’t wait to start using Myst with my class and talking about all the different worlds. Also thank you for the internet links and information about multimodal texts which I will definitely be using in class.

  2. blog says:

    Thank you, Clare. It was a day full of smiles.

  3. John Reid says:

    After a tough couple of days spent trying to energise the kids’ writing, I left this afternoon inspired and excited! I’m looking forward to seeing how the pupils react tomorrow, and I can’t wait to get back to my own school to try out some of the ideas you shared today.

    Thanks Tim.

    P.S. Fligminkle: The word a beetle uses as it tries to right itself when stuck on its back?

  4. Hannah Moore says:

    WOW! What a truly inspirational day! Thank you Tim and Sarah for providing us with refreshing teaching ideas that can be used across the age ranges. I’ve already tried out the powerpoint text box tool! That will definitely be featuring in my lessons in the near future, along with posh talk and Hogwart’s Express chat!
    I can’t wait for the rest of the staff and the children to experience your infectious enthusiasm for teaching and learning.
    Thank you!

  5. Vicky Jones says:

    Thanks for a really inspiring day. I can’t wait to try out all the new ideas I have gained from the day.

  6. Well worth the wait, Tim and Sarah! The teachers and LA colleagues were certainly buzzing with enthusiasm throughout the day. Weren’t they a great bunch? I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and can’t wait to see the response from the children, I’m sure they’ll be thrilled and appropriately creative! Thank you so much for a wonderful day!

  7. Farzana Ashraf says:

    WOW WOW WOW! Thank you so much for an inspiring, motivating and uplifting course. It is so great to have such new and fresh ideas;which will also impact on standards as well as being fun! The sparks were already flying today and I have already ‘planned’ out how I can use what I have learnt today. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring…

  8. Phil Adams says:

    More thanks for today. I have used Myst in the classroom already, but today re-started my enthusiasm to use it as I now understand how to use it with a different age group. Access to the saved worlds will help. I wrote a big list of things to try. Thank you.

  9. Lara Brown says:

    I’ve really enjoyed today, you are such a great speaker and left me buzzing about myst and other ICT ideas. Like Clare, I can’t wait to get back to class to share them with our teachers.

    I did try to find the Bob Dylan website but couldn’t find where to put in your own words.

  10. Gillian Barker says:

    What a fantastic day today was! You are such an inspiration speaker Tim, far more rousing than other other courses and lots of ideas to share back in school. I know that we will get a lot out of Myst. Thanks.

  11. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for such a fun, fantastic course – I left today feeling totally geared up and ready to start using the Myst games in school. I know my class will absolutely love it! Hopefully we’ll have some great writing to show for it very soon.

    PS. I forgot to leave this on the table. While I can’t remember the exact word, the flinkle-something is the technical term for the remnants of a biscuit found at the bottom of a coffee cup once it has been dunked.

  12. Sandra Roberts says:

    I found the course yesterday very inspiring and I love the way that Myst can be used throughout all key stages. Watching the children respond with such enjoyment to the lesson(KS1) today was fantastic. Tim, you have a great teaching talent which locks into a child’s mind! I not only gained ICT/Literacy knowledge but also some very good teaching tips…. spent the day talking to my children with an American twang! Would love to hear more about how you have used Myst with the Foundation Stage. Can as young as 3 be engaged?? Many thanks again 🙂

  13. blog says:

    Thanks all so some great feedback. Sorry for the delay in getting these Approved, we have had some technical difficulties. Really enjoyed our time with you all.

  14. Lynn Kennedy says:

    Sorry I’m a bit late adding this but I wanted to say a big thank you for a fun and inspiring day. I am so sorry I missed day 2 but had RE inspection!

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