King Richard School, Cyprus ~ 3 days

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Working at King Richard School, Cyprus has been a delight, with new challenges for all.

Working alongside the secondary staff and pupils from Year 7, we have been investigating the worlds of words and the power of blogging.

First off, we entered one of the Myst landscapes and immersed ourselves in the incredible realistic and inspiring environment.

We used this to develop some beautiful, descriptive narrative containing some remarkable similes and metaphors.  One pupil was not too happy with his work, he went home and spent a lot of time getting it just right, returning the next day with a beaming smile and a fanbloomingtastic piece of writing.

Over the rest of the sessions we explored the region we were in, but also everything from hotseating, group problem solving, active listening, to developing open questioning.

(Thanks to Alan Peat for a couple of links above).

In our second day, we transferred some of these skills into the REAL, analogue world around the school. We took photographs of some local scenery from a viewpoint that most pupils would not have visited.  We then asked the pupils to use some of their new linguistic skills to describe what they could see.

Some of the more lively pupils from day 1, really settled down to this task and produced some beautiful writing.

 Blogging ~ The resident webmaster, RB from Year 10, helped set up the blogging facility on the school website and also solved various technical issues over the 3 days.  The pupils proofread their descriptions which were then uploaded to the website overnight.

Evaluating ~ On day three, we looked at ways of applying, in future lessons, the many ideas generated.

With great thanks to Rob Murphy, Jude Crowley, Mick Leverett, Chris Niven, Rob McCarthy and Martin Ainsworth for their warm welcome and enthusiasm through all three hard working days.

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  1. Georgina Copping says:

    Any chance of a old friends site? I was here 1965-8, nice to see the school again.

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