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| October 8, 2008 | 7 Comments 

Three very rewarding days at St John’s School here in Cyprus. Monday started with a presentation to the English and ICT departments and neighbouring Episkopi and Akrotiri primary schools.

Thank you to Amanda, Dave, Lia, Cynthia, Athy, Judith, Charles, Jane, Nigel, John, Zoe, Helen, Liz and all the other colleagues who joined us for a buzzing, thrilling, well-organised three days full of new experiences and ideas, problem tackling and professional cooperation. Everyone was willing to go way beyond the call of duty, developing new materials, searching for resources, setting up blogs and all for the benefit of the many children, who also steamed creatively through the challenging activities.

Thank you Maria and Martin for technical support and helping in our aim in making the techie elements painfree and invisible.

One of the things we discussed today was keyboard shortcuts. Here is a little HANDY HINT:

When you try to copy a group of files from one folder to another, Windows will bring up a handy little window if it notices files in the target directory with the same name as files from the source directory. You can manually choose which files to overwrite or leave be one by one. Or you can click “Yes to All” to effectively overwrite every file with a duplicate name in the target directory.

But what if you want to click “No to All?” There’s no button for you, but that doesn’t mean Windows won’t let you skip all the duplicate files. All you have to do is hold down the Shift key and click No. Now Windows will skip all files with duplicate names and copy the rest of your files to the new directory, thus saving you a lot of time, heartache, and repetitive finger motions, and giving you the opportunity to go and make a nice cup of tea instead.

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  1. Judith Driver says:

    Thank you both sooooo much! I have had a fantastic couple of days. I was inspired to have a go and set up my own Blog after the first day and enjoyed it so much that I asked to come back for a second day!!!! I was so pleased that I came back for more, because the hints and things that you showed us today will make such a difference to my lessons. I will certainly be making more resources using powerpoint now and will spread the word when supporting other teachers in my role as an AST. Really looking forward to getting going with a class blog and newsletter blog for my school now too. It has been absolutely brilliant!!!!!!

  2. Cynthia Symon says:

    What an awe- inspiring three days! This was teaching and training far beyond Ofsted “outstanding.” It was a joy and a privilege to have Tim and Sarah at St John’s. The sight of a class of Year 7 children and half a dozen teachers dancing and the sound of their laughter will stay with me for ever.

    The students at St John’s loved every exciting minute of it and the staff want more Tim, please!

  3. Amanda Wolanski says:

    A huge thank you to both yourself and Sarah. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and not often I say this, but from an ICT point of view, I am thoroughly inspired!
    Unfortunately, makes me realise how little I know and how much I can still learn!!!
    Thanks again for your all your hard work over the past 3 days and look forward to working with you both again soon.

  4. Helen Eveson says:

    I’ve been trying out the powerpoint, but discovered that I haven’t written notes on how to stop the text over-flowing the sides. Can anyone help?

    Thanks for the cornucopia of ideas. Need to live a double life to get them all in and discover how to use them to the full. ‘Tusen takk’, (thank you doesn’t cut it),for modelling and sharing your ideas – you have lit the touch paper! It’s also fantastic and unusual with INSET to have the opportunity to consolidate by keeping in touch.

    Keep inspiring. You make a good team. A tsunami ripple for Tim and Sarah!

  5. Cynthia Symon says:

    The impact of your training has been amazing! The following day I saw teachers and students using multimodal texts and a Year 11 revision Blog was up and running!Pupils and staff are still buzzing about Tim Rylands and Mr Walker.Thank you for making such a difference in Cyprus.

  6. Amanda Wolanski says:

    Have spent the last week and a half working with staff/training on multimodal presentations and Blogs! Other staff have now become curious and want in! Blogs are now the buzz around the school!
    Thanks Tim and Sarah for introducing us to a whole new world.

  7. Geoffrey R. Staines says:

    Hey Tim!

    I just used your Shift-No tip for copying files. It worked wonderfully and saved me a lot of frustration. Have a pint on me.

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