Booker Avenue Infant School, Liverpool

| October 14, 2008 | 7 Comments 

A lovely welcome at  Booker Avenue Infant School. This is a school full of smiling faces. The staff, the children and the walls glow.

We spent the day in the company of three Year 2 classes, joined by colleagues from across all the age ranges in the school. Staff modelled, scribed, scribbled, drew and generally mucked in with the children who also explored the world of words in creative and imaginative ways.

Each class brought different ideas which took the sessions in some fascinating and rewarding directions.

A pair of young reporters also took the chance to interview us about what motivates, challenges and inspires us in our travels around the country. Well done to you two!

Thank you to Esther Gibson, Anne Barlow and their colleagues for hosting our visit so warmly.

The children responded incredibly openly today, even though I was wielding a large, black cast – the artistic pink one has been snipped off at the fingers, allowing me to wiggle my digits at last, and has been very kindly re-covered in stylish black fibreglass. Disappointed not to get my whole hand back in service, but hey ho, here we go.

With my fingers on the loose everything I touch feels really strange. Hands are pins might be an exaggeration.

After a few more weeks of incarceration I hope to learn how to use my hands again.

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  1. Mr. Carmichael says:

    A fantastic day for both children and staff!! Very valuable experience which has given us all some wonderful ideas to use and a day which will NEVER be forgotten. A superb day, thanks.

  2. Mr. Noble says:

    Some very useful ideas for stimulating both speaking and listening skills and how it can develop children’s writing. The children very much enjoyed the experience.

  3. Miss Ordish says:

    Children were very enthusiastic and motivated by the stimulus. Content was exciting and the pace was fast with plenty of humour. The lesson provided useful ideas on how to engage young children in literacy, whilst making it enjoyable and fun!

  4. Anne Barlow says:

    What was especially rewarding was the interraction and total enjoyment of those children for whom writing is a struggle. Although the software was inspiring, it became clear that it is the whole process of freeing up children to think and imagine, rehearse and ultimately to write, to move beyond the obvious and away from the ordinary. The use of voice, expression and the confidence to make up fun words just because of the way they sound, all added to the overall enjoyment and stimulation. One child, in particular, who has some identified developmental needs, was inspired to contribute like never before! Above all, the children and teachers and Tim, I hope, had fun.

  5. Gill Bowen says:

    I am totally inspired! It is so freshing to be reminded that children’s writing can be inspired by simply a little bit ‘off the wall’ thinking which I can utilise as part of my daily teaching of litercay (and in fact..each and area of the curriculum)! To see boys 110% per cent eager, involved and geared up for WRITING simply by unlocking their imagination was awesome. Greatly I have been reminded that writing is not all about my agenda – but delving into and using the children’s own off the wall and fantastic ideas. In doing so I saw a whole class taking ownership over their writing. Imagination – what a key to achieving CREATIVE writers!

  6. Brenda Cunningham says:

    The session with Tim was very inspiring. It was fascinating to watch how quickly the children relaxed and enjoyed themselves all eager to make contributions and share their thoughts.

  7. Gill Cotterill says:

    ICT to inspire. What an inspirational day I had. Lots of ideas (not too complicated). I have a tough Y5 class but I feel that they would be as inspired in their writing as I felt today. If only we could have you in the school to enable them to appreciate what I will be telling them. Day was well paced, informative and most of all exciting. Even The Hat didn’t put me off. Many thanks for sharing your entusiasm and being an inspiration to the world of teaching. Looking forward to watching you in action with the children tomorrow. Gill Cotterill Garston CE

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