“ICT to INSPIRE!” 2 Day Event, Liverpool ~ & Stan

| October 15, 2008 | 19 Comments 

We paid a return visit to the Parklands City Learning Centre, Liverpool today, this time to work alongside Sheila O’Keeffe, Education Consultant,  Maureen Hints, Learning Network Director and others who have organised a 2 day event for teachers. Today staff from the South Liverpool and G10 networks experienced how to inspire children to write through the use of Myst and other techniques.    

It was clear to see that the teachers were eager to return to their classes to try it out!  “It’s another world” said Ian Wileman from Greenbank Primary. To support this, as a follow-up to today’s training, tomorrow the staff from the South Liverpool and G10 networks will be observing the pupils of Springwood Heath Primary school . Classes from Year 1 through to Year 6 will be exploring the ‘world of words’ using the Myst Game.

Thank you to Roisin Conlon, Eva Taylor, Dominic Starker, Gill Cotterill, Ruth Turner, Kate Smedley, Ian Wileman, Michael Keenan, James Bolton, Brenda Clarke, Alison Roberts, Barbara Crossley, Christine Hopely, Kerry Percy, Marion Carson, Scott Connell, Matt Shaw, Nuala Doyle, Janette Owen, Lynn Scott, Debbie Clarke, Wendy Walters, Louise Steel, Lou Swift, Claire Wilson, John Lewis, and others, (!) for a fun day.

Introducing Stan

Our dear friend, Margaret Baxter, is a whiz kid with ICT. She has recently welcomed a new member to her family – Stan, (Stanley Baxter!) a border terrier. Just before we flew out to Cyprus, Margaret, and her husband John, very kindly invited us to stay with them. Stan has his own run and large area, nicknamed Stancatraz.

Margaret teaches Year Two. She was keen to get them to explore instructions and ‘bossy verbs’.  Margaret’s class are very familiar with Stan (Margaret loves him). So, she asked us to help making a lively Stan to become involved in an interactive lesson on the structure of instructions.

We had fun using Crazy Talk  and a photograph of 12 week old Stan asking the children to be bossy, “firm but friendly” with him. Very quickly, we made a couple of short films with Stan chatting away to us. The end result was really rewarding and we hope to up load it at some point. (UPDATE: Watch Stan sing his song HERE)

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  1. Janette Owen says:

    A great day I learnt alot about how to make my teaching more exciting. A really useful and interesting day. Thanks very much!

  2. Clare Wilson says:

    Very informative day, lots of new ideas to take back to school and share with staff. An enjoyable course… at last!

  3. James Bolton says:

    Had a great day. Loved the ideas with the game, powerpoint and extensions. Best of all was the offer of Tim’s luxury villa in Spain. Thanks Tim

  4. R.Conlon says:

    Excellent Day. Lots of useful information and tips that can be easily transferred into the classroom. Thanks very much!

  5. Kerry Percy says:

    Today has been fantastic! Great ideas which have really inspired me. I’m eager to get back into school and start using them with my class.

  6. Debbie Clarke says:

    A fantastic day. Can’t wait to try out some of the ideas with my year 5 class – hope they come up with such wonderful work.

  7. Wendy Walters says:

    What a fantastic day! can’t wait to get back to school and try out some of the ideas in my class. Very inspirational and creative ideas that can be adapted to all topics

    thank you

  8. Lou Swift says:

    The day was great, very interesting, very inspiring, lots of practical ideas. Myst will bring fresh new ideas, discussion and fun for pupils (AND staff) to many of our lessons. Thanks

  9. Sheila O'Keeffe says:

    Thanks Tim and Sarah. A wonderful day with great new ideas for our teaching kit bags. We are looking forward to tomorrow at Springwood Heath.

  10. Christine Hopley says:

    ICT To Inspire Day 1 at Parklands has been an inspiring and enriching day. The use of Myst in the classroonm I’m looking forward to tomorrow. The introduction of tools and resources to enhance learning and teaching were fabulous and I have been ” inspired ” to go away and be creative despite the demands of the profession!!! I’m looking forward to making and using multi modal writing frames.

  11. Ian Wileman says:

    Great day, although I am rather disappinted that I still don’t know how Tim broke his arm! Having watched him today, it does make me wonder!

    Looking forward to going to Springwood tomorrow to see more of these excellent ideas put into proper classroom use. Also looking forward to trying them out in my own school. Will be taking my digital blue camera into the woods.

    If you are really in need of a place to stay during the summer holidays next year, I cannot offer you a villa in Spain, but I do have a small cardboard box you can put in the shed at the bottom of my garden if you come unstuck…

  12. Louise Steel says:

    Really inspiring – can`t wait to get back into school and give this a go with our pupils!!! This will certainly give our literacy lessons a new dimension!!

  13. Alison says:

    Sooooooo wish I hadn’t sat by Ian today and be made to go out to the front….don’t think my stand up career will take off! Apart from that…very inspiring!

    I think my kids will find it very inspiring to write about the scenes from Myst.

    PPoint help was a bonus-will definitely try to create my own PPoint show.

    An enjoyable and interactive day-thanks!

    Alas, no villa in Spain to offer you. Ask Ian, he employs 2 staff (seriously!) so I’m sure he has a villa or two to spare.

    See you all tomorrow and you can meet my class!

  14. Rebecca Shipton says:

    What a brilliant day…even if I am listed as Matt Shaw and he is somewhere else today! (I know I had the best deal though.) The whole experience was very uplifting and inspirational and I will be ordering Myst tonight; I will however be slowing down the mouse to avoid further motion sickness! So many of your ideas are easy to do and I know will inspire all learners. I have spent a long time researching boys’ writing and know that this is one avenue I will try; I’ve used video, sounds, animation, etc but not used a game like this. (Just need to get the school to fund the 499 pennies for each game now!)
    Thank you for such a fantastic day – can’t wait to see the ideas in action tomorrow.

    P.S. I can offer a caravan in Bognor!

  15. Brenda says:

    Had a great day! So much to take into the classroom. It will improve my literacy lessons and many other lessons as well. I just hope I remember it all! Speed was fast, not enough time to make or take notes. Keep up your enthusiasm Tim.

  16. Jo Wignall says:

    A great day. Thank you to Tim and Sarah for sharing many useful ideas and tips. I am looking forward to watching Tim in action tomorrow and to try out his techniques with my Year 2 class!

  17. Scott Connell says:

    Sorry that I was unable to make it today. My colleague has informed me that I missed a great day!

  18. Rob Hine says:

    A great day – the game has great potential and links well with many other strategies to inspire children’s writing, such as the Oracy Project, the Big Write and Starting Stories. Also loads of other useful tips and ‘widgits’.
    Thanks Tim!

  19. Margaret and Stan says:

    Hi, Stan here. My mum (you know her as Margaret) has just shown me the blog. I am now a PAWS STAR! I am so pleased that I am helping reluctant writers. I am not reluctant, just not quite got the hang of it yet , as anything my mum puts in my mouth at the moment I chew. Much love to Sarah and Tim. x

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