Springwood Heath Primary School, Liverpool

| October 16, 2008 | 2 Comments 

Today was delightful. We had the pleasure of working with the staff and children at  Springwood Heath Primary School, Liverpool. A special place to be.

During their inspection in November 2007, Ofsted Inspectors stated that Springwood Heath was a school that gave children an outstanding level of care – and that was clear to us as we explored the stimulating environment created at Springwood for learning and development. The head teacher,  Phil Daniels, explained to us that the school endeavours to provide every opportunity for each child to reach the highest possible standard they can and to achieve great successes, so developing into a responsible and thoughtful members of their community. Their successes have been recognised nationally, being awarded the Quality in Basic Skills, Healthy Schools, Quality in Study Support, School Achievement, Dyslexia Friendly Status and, Investor in People. In May 2008,  they were awarded the Advanced Inclusion Charter Mark. These are clear signs that this school cares for everyone.

“I had planned to go to a conference to-day,” said Phil Daniels. “I am so glad I didn’t. Instead I have been able to observe all of our children writing … and enjoying it.”

“The most fantastic time I’ve had for ages”. “Not my words” says Phil, “but those of ten year old Lucas who had just finished writing a story. He wore a huge smile and was so proud of what he had achieved”.

“We have been working very hard at Springwood Heath to motivate children to write and to want to write , but progress has been slow. Today, the whole school has been responding to their tasks with laughter, wonder and a desire to show off verbally. And show off they did”.

“I think the children surprised themselves, not with the ideas, but with being able to express themselves, at their own level of understanding and capability, and feeling very pleased and proud with the outcomes. Staff also have been reminded that teaching isn’t always about following the script.”

We would like to say another huge THANK YOU to Sheila O’Keeffe, and to Alison Roberts, for the organisation of today’s event. Spot on dip dap and dubbly! 🙂

On another note, I really don’t like it when pubs and hotels have a “haunted fish tank /TV” chunnering away to itself in a corner of a room being totally ignored by all. Yet in the hotel we are staying this week, they had a more subtle approach. The sub-titles facility provided by the BBC was engaged and I was fascinated by the speed and accuracy the words word displayed on the screen. So much so, I had to find out how it was done. I also challenged a fellow hotel guest, Stuart, to this quest and, last night in the hotel, we compared notes. To view our results please click here. Clever stuff!

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  1. Michael Keenan says:

    Another great day – thank you.

  2. James Bolton says:

    This was a fantastic two day course, which I found very enjoyable and inspiring. I was amazed at how the children responded to the game and the ideas that they subsequently came up with were great. Thanks for a great couple of days Tim.

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