St Teresa’s Catholic Junior School, Liverpool

| October 17, 2008

Thank you to Katie Lowe, deputy head, and David O’Brian, head teacher of St Teresa’s Catholic Junior School, Liverpool for hosting a  thoroughly enjoyable day.  The strong decision to pair up a training day on Ros Wilson’s ‘The Big Write’ with a practical, hands on, imaginative exploration of stimulus resources, really paid off. The staff seem fired up and ready to further enhance their already creative curriculum.

As ever, a big THANK YOU, for a really fun training day full of laughter and enthusiasm.


Wanted to send some MYST IV saved games today. They’re quite big files so used YouSendIt to do so.

I bet everyone wants or needs to send big files to someone else sometimes. The are more than 100 sites that enable you to do that. Here are just a few of the “FREE” ones:

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  1. Claire Thomas says:

    Was a really good day. Lots of information was given and lots of ideas were shown and discussed so that they could be used right across the curriculum. Really enjoyed the day.

    Thank you.

  2. Bill Quayle says:

    some fantastic ideas to enrich and enliven the literacy lesson.

  3. Gemma Brack says:

    A fantastic and informative day. Lots of information to digest but a vast amount to use in class, especially the interactive PowerPoint.
    Thank you

  4. amanda says:

    enjoyed the first part of the day but felt that we spent too long on the game. I would have liked some time on making the powerpoint multimodals

  5. Susannah Crofton says:

    Thanks for a fantastic day! Some really useful and inspiring ideas! Can’t wai to get started after Half Term!!! 🙂

  6. Marie Henderson says:

    A super day, thanks! It was very useful to see how a computer game can be a stimulus for so many areas of the curriculum. It went very well after the Big Write day yesterday as it gave us a new set of resources to use to engage ALL pupils in writing. I’m really excited to get back to class and a bit (just a bit) gutted that it’s half term now and I have to wait a week before taking any of this into the classroom!

    Another VERY useful part of the day was the powerpoint and film ideas. Thanks!

    Spread the word,


  7. Erika says:

    Inspiring day, filled with information and creative ideas to encorporate in our teaching. Thank you very much for sharing your ideas and will look forward to using them.
    Erika x x x

  8. sue morgan says:

    fantastic day a good laugh.

  9. Gemma Lomax says:

    A really inspiring day! Lots of fun and laughter brought some very interesting and thought provoking ideas to use in the classroom. I will definately use Myst in class- I can’t wait to come back- Sure my Year 6’s will think I’ve gone mad!! The PowerPoint ideas were another thing I will be using! Thanx 🙂

  10. kerry says:

    A very enjoyable day. As a teaching assistant I am looking forward to seeing these ideas and working with the teachers to make it work.

  11. Pete Barnett says:

    Thanks for ideas of how to use an alternative stimulus for a starting point for writing. It particularly appealed to my love of the fantasy/science fiction genre and can see how this would definitely appeal to visual learners, disaffected boys etc. I can also see how this can be used as stimulus for other subjects. Not sure how the game would work but would love to see it in action in everyday classroom to see how whole class would cope.

  12. karen cunningham says:

    Thanks for a really lovely day, very enjoyable, loads of ideas.

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