Eastern Region Gifted & Talented Partnership 3rd Regional Conference

| October 21, 2008 | 6 Comments 

I was honoured to be asked to give the opening keynote presentation at today’s Eastern Region Gifted & Talented Partnership 3rd Regional Conference at Newmarket Racecourse Conference Centre.

The Eastern Region Gifted & Talented Partnership comprises eleven local authorities in Eastern England together with local HEIs and other agencies. It provides a termly newsletter sent to all schools and a variety of conferences and other CPD opportunities.

Workshops today included: Geoff Dean, Philosophy for Children, Creativity in Teaching & Learning, Visual Literacy, Creative Curriculum, Musical Futures, Mantle of the Expert, Primary Science, and mine on Virtual Worlds and Visual Literacy.

Sarah and i delivered a workshop on using virtual worlds and on creating new worlds of words, including how to shine with multimodal PowerPointyThingies! Fun stuff.

“BTW”, try the DCFS site for some advice about, and definitions of, Gifted and talented children.

There are some helpful pieces of information within the QCA Guidance

Young Gifted and Talented, The National Association for Gifted Children, G&T Wise, and the database of resources at the National Literacy Trust are just a few of the sites you may find useful.

Teachers TV have some great programmes about gifted and talented pupils HERE

Geoff mentioned a super poem:

Come to the Edge
Come to the edge, he said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came.
He pushed them and they flew.

Guillaume Apollinaire (possibly!) (French Poet)

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  1. Caro says:

    Great talk, lots to take away & use 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Fantastic, inspirational session … can’t wait to share it with colleagues and students … thanks also for the Myst DVD … I’m hooked already and I’ve never played any of these games before ! (there are sooo many possibilities too!!!) I got stuck at the top of the tower in J’Nanin so am off for a wander ’round the island. Many thanks again.

  3. Rosie says:

    we all benefit from inspiration, so thanks for plenty of it.

  4. Zoe Chappell says:

    An enaging presentation that provided much food for thought – the LO sharing in particular. My job today is to purchase some of the Myst CDs! Really enjoyable and hope that Tim comes to do some work in Peterborough at some point.

  5. Sharon Payne says:

    Wow! What an inspirational talk. Please, please come to Peterborough. I will lend you my Year 5s any time you like (they all speak English as an additional language). I would love to see it in action. What an uplifting experience.

  6. Conference feedback says:

    Tim Rylands
    Fantastic! Incredibly engaging and inspirational. Made me want to rush back to school, hijack a class and start teaching
    An inspiration
    Genuinely creative and a gift to those teaching literacy
    Lots of practical ideas
    Excellent – has challenged my ICT skills
    Too short , could have spent a whole day
    Very motivational and entertaining
    Food for thought – if we are to inspire our pupils it helps for us to be inspired too (like this)
    Good for cluster training
    Inspirational, gifted individual
    Entertaining yes, but often this is a cover for little content. Not in this case however, Tim delivered on both fronts – lots of little snippets to take back and cogitate on
    A fantastic talk. I feel very inspired and will feed back to my school with great enthusiasm.
    Wish I was back in school esp teaching literacy!
    Lovely to see what can be done with a computer game
    Inspirational! Slightly scary for us people who are not so technologically minded but great to see whats possible
    Fantastic, what an inspiration! Superb presentation style
    Incredibly inspiring – pointers towards game resources that can be used in class were invaluable. I have come away with many ideas to inspire the children and to , I’m sure, raise standards in writing.
    Wow! Cant wait to try it!
    Wow! Fantastic, loads of ideas and innovative practice
    I loved it – cant wait to put some of these methods into practice in classroom
    Excellent – I’m full of ideas now
    Am a NZ teacher been to many international conferences – he is tops – really up there
    A winner – great relevance to gifted
    Inspirational, challenging and totally engaging
    Good to identify the skills in computer games and respect them
    Particularly liked ‘Lo and Behold’ – liberating from the rigid lesson format without losing the point

    Particularly good for powerpoint and more sophisticated use of
    I only wish all my staff could listen to him

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