Coed-y-Lan Revisited

| October 23, 2008 | 2 Comments 

“Tim returned to our school today and worked with pupils from Y 1-6, showing the staff how his ideas could be put into practice. The pupils were all enthusiastic and engrossed as they explored the landscapes from Myst. Everyone shared laughter, imagination and time disappeared too soon.

One of our Year One boys never contributes to class discussions and is normally very withdrawn and suffers from poor concentration.

He engaged fully with the session and made many suggestions about what was waiting at the top of a cliff  – “a magical giant” was a favourite’.

A Year Two boy has trouble focusing during lessons, but during Tim’s session concentrated one hundred percent.  He had excellent ideas about the magical world and what was on top of the stalk.

Overall this sessions tied in well with what Year One and Two have been doing this term in Literacy, they have been learning to write their own stories using descriptive words and this session showed how creative the children could be.  It reinforced what has been done in the classroom.  What was most striking was that the group of children who have difficulty thinking of creative stories were fired up and came up with some wonderfully descriptive words and fully engaged with the session with enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Tim’s use of the landscapes and his modelling of questioning techniques enable the pupils’ imaginations to take flight. It was delightful, in particular , to see some of the more reluctant writers write with abandon. Though this wasn’t the occasion to be held back by problems with spelling and punctuation, this approach enable the usual stumbling blocks to be removed – there will be time for ediitng later when all the ideas are on paper.

With our Y1/2 class, Tim was relating the virtual to the real, the digital to the analogue. In this case we looked at  a nest in the game and compared the description and setting with the book The Owl Babies. This stimulated some genuine empathy for the small chick left alone in the “virtual nest”.

A brilliant time was had by all and we have all been truly (in Tim’s daughter Ellie’s word) fligminkled!”

Robert James. (Head teacher, Coed-y-Lan Primary School)

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  1. Sali and Scott Y2 says:

    There were lots of interesting things on the screen and we enjoyed going up and down the big plant which looked like a spiral staircase. We liked the sound effects, it was really fun watching the game. We saw an interesting walking stick with smoke coming out.

  2. atalya says:

    I found Mr.Ryland funny and I liked Mr.Walkers. I also liked the myst landscape.I enjoyed writing about the pictures on the screen.I wish we could do it again.

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