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| October 24, 2008 | 5 Comments 

A truly fun-filled, laughter-soaked day at Great Bedwyn CE Primary School.

We get to work in a huge variety of venues – from to enormous conference halls, to small classrooms. Today, however, was one of the most original: we took the staff in to the ICT suite, a long “railway carriage-like” room. A lovely setting to take people on a virtual roller-coaster ride, or trip on The Hogwarts Express!

I say “The Hogwarts Express” because that makes a good way to get your children on their feets: “Imagine you are at platform 9 and 3/4. Along comes the train – there are no seats – you will have to stand up -the train sets off – loop your hand in the leather strap above your head – you might find yourself jostling against the people around you (gently) – turn to the nearest passengers and have a chat about (insert subject here) – lots of excited chatter – ooh look: we’re coming into the station – and ooh look! A seat!”

Head teacher, Anne Davidson, and staff, mentioned that they use Kewala’s amazing keyboard adventure to teach typing to their children.   I believe that is one of the most useful lessons as so much of our time can be spent strapped to a laptop.

Thank you to Anne and her colleagues, for a really entertaining day.

We are travelling around all over the place and staying so many hotels, friends’ homes, guest houses and bed and breakfasts, but we feel compelled to give a plug to the B & B we stayed in last night – gorgeous! Curers Cottage Bed and Breakfast has recently opened for business and is run delightfully by Julie Blaney and her husband.

Reminded us of the Brambley Hedge books. Delightful!

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  1. Katy and Danat says:

    Lots of inspiring ideas and techniques to develop children’s literacy skills. Entertaining and informative session, to enhance teaching throughout KS1 and KS2. MYST has many opportunities for cross curricular teaching and is a motivational and exciting tool for teachers and children alike.

  2. Jo Popperwell says:

    A day packed with ICT marvels. I loved the game but…….HOW DO YOU GET OUT OF THE LIFT?????????

  3. Jan and Katharine says:

    Enjoyed the day although got stuck in the lift in Myst. Lots of fab ideas to take away. Got the rest of halfterm now to find our way out of the lift!

  4. Monk Steve & Translator Sam says:

    We felt at one in the ICT suite, whilst engaging with a dynamic (yet bald!) sensai! A fabulous day, filled with exciting and interesting ideas. Simple and easy to reiterate in the classroom.

    Bringing literacy to life at last real inspiration for the classroom and exciting times ahead. Thank you so much for a fantastic day.

  5. sue and Lesley says:

    An inspiring day which gives lots of food for thought. Amazing coincidence our paths crossing again.

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