Hill View Primary School, Banbury – Day Two

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Hill View Primary School, Head Teacher, David Molloy

Tim’s brief was simple – come and spend two days with us and as a result transform our children into enthusiastic writers. And by the way, we would like a significant improvement in our SATs scores  … And help us make more effective use of our extensive IT resources … Ah…  it would be useful to have a bit of fun as well, staff and kids. Pretty straightforward really.

Day one was working with teachers, TAs and Governors. Essentially we were looking at using MYST III in the classroom, but, in typical Tim style, we were taken off on many tangents, all of them interesting, all of them fun. The day was very much as expected. It was very useful, certainly informative and the potential of MYST in the classroom became clearly apparent; but, at this stage that was it – potential. Being a cynic of thirty-odd years experience I’ve heard many a presenter explaining ‘new’ approaches, but all too often I’ve come away with, let’s say, a less than totally positive attitude – it’s all right talking about it, but what about in the classroom …..??
Certainly the Govenors enjoyed the day, so there will be no problems justifying the cost of the two days to them, but what about the kids and their learning? Would there be an impact tomorrow when the children are here?
I’ve just sat with 68 Year 5 children and several staff and Governors in the hall. The hour and half went so quickly (doesn’t time fly when …..). The man is an experienced and consummate performer and teacher, but the joy came from the children’s reactions to him and his material. If they were unsure about the difference between simile and a metaphor before the lesson, they certainly are sure now. There was so much quality, but so little time here to go into detail describing it – sorry, but in OFSTED speak, Tim gave us an outstanding lesson.
I am sat in my office at the moment and I can hear, between the bursts of children’s laughter, Tim’s muffled tones coming from the adjoining hall. He’s currently working with 70 Year 3 children. A senior colleague keeps popping in to inform me how well things are going. In these days of strategies and frameworks our challenge is to be able to bring alive possibly dull ideas, to motivate and create enthusiastic learners. I am convinced; this is the way forward – high quality material presented in a positive child-friendly way but essentially progressing at a rate that is dictated by the children’s learning, their enthusiasm and their curiosity.
The word “inspiring” has become overused of late and as a result has lost its impact. I’m searching for a suitable substitute; its not easy because of the distraction of the children’s laughter from the hall. And here’s our senior teacher again, coming to tell me again how terrific Tim Rylands is.
Actually, she’s right!!!



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