4th Wiltshire ICT Conference

| November 19, 2008 | 5 Comments 

4th Wiltshire ICT Conference

Good to be BACK with many old friends! Thank you to Simon Watkins, Ian Baker and their colleagues for a typically EXCELLENT event – efficient, inventive, creative and FUN!

Back on the theme of panoramas from yesterday, there is a virtual tour of the Corn Exchange in Devizes, the venue for today’s event.

As someone with a website, I am often swamped with spam and scam e-mails. None of us are above being sucked in to an innocent looking con, as someone I met today has discovered to their cost.

I found this interesting slide show (amongst a collection) on e-week.com that covers some of the perils.
By the way did you know that the word “gullible” has been removed from the dictionary, and that, if you say “gullible” really slowly, it sounds like “raspberries” (Thanks to my Ellie for those cringe-worthy jokes)

On a more positive note, try visiting instructables for lots of great crafty ideas.

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  1. Sam says:

    I was completely inspired by your session today in the Corn exchange. It’s amazing what you can achieve by thinking outside the box! I’m really looking forward to going back to school and starting the journey of creativity…thanks

  2. Ian says:


    Another fantastic day with you and Sarah. Many thanks for coming to our conference and inspiring all of us!

    Best wishes

    Ian Baker

  3. Catherine says:

    Thanks for your motivation and ideas today. It’s great to hear different approaches to writing and reading that actually work, and although I teach in KS1 I’m already thinking about how I can use some of your ideas back in class! I only wish that the session was longer, as there seemed to be so much more…..!

  4. Karen says:

    Wow! Fast, fun and a very inspirational afternoon session. Thank you for some fabulous ideas.

  5. Ruth says:

    Hey, it was great to meet you yesterday, your two sessions were the most inspirational I’ve experienced in 10 years of teaching. Thank you for making me laugh til it hurt, giving me great ideas to take back to school and for putting the life back into literacy. I hope to see you again soon…

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