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| November 21, 2008 | 8 Comments 

Back in the North West today, invited by Salford LA to work with colleagues from across the authority exploring the educational potential of games.

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Tony Ryan  ICT Adviser, Salford Children’s Services

We were really looking forward to welcoming Tim and Sarah to work with our teachers in Salford and it was certainly very much worth the wait! Tim took a group of primary and secondary teachers on a rollercoaster ride through an amazing series of engaging, thought provoking and fun, practical activities throughout the day. ‘Inspirational’ is sometimes an overused word when people discuss teacher CPD events; but not in this case! Everybody went away with lots of ideas about how to engage, motivate and challenge learners, using a range of multimedia tools and gaming software. There was a real sense that adults were learning alongside each other, developing real transferable classroom skills and ideas to take straight back to their schools and use!!

We are getting to work in a lot of sporting venues at the moment. They often have superb conference arrangements. Being a bloke with wobbly legs, I often think that, for other people’s saftey, I am best keeping off the football pitch!

Imagine what glorious dangers I could cause on a golf course! We looked out across the greens of Swinton Park Golf Course, Manchester, today… 🙂

“The reason the pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can’t see him laughing”. ~Phyllis Diller

It might be safer for many of us to stick to “virtual golf”. Try the excellent Mini-Putt, a time waster perhaps, but possibly good for looking at the physics of angles and trajectories. (or maybe it IS just for fun!)

Me getting on to a golf course is a newsworthy event.

Thank you to Tony Ryan, and his colleagues Stephen Drury and Assiya Hussain.

Thank you as well, to

David Briscoe, David Walsh, Andrew McCarthy, Danny Hansen, Natalie Smith, Kim Larsen, Zandra Wilkinson, Sue Allen, Anthony Benedict, Mark Edwards, Peter W, Nicky Grundy, Dean Howard and Claire Harrison.

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  1. Kim Larsen says:

    Just returning from the Salford course – I can’t believe I was so motivated to sit at my computer on a Friday night! As an advanced skills teacher, I attend numerous courses and have worked with a wealth of people; all I can say is utterly awe inspiring! Tim filled our heads with plentiful ideas to cover all ages and all subjects – as well as putting us in a few embarrassing situations (one way to make sure we were all paying attention!) I can’t wait to get to school on Monday and try this out with my KS4 lower ability boys class. Thanks Tim!

  2. Monk Mark! says:

    Tim – what a fantastic day.
    Was a real inspirational ( a word banded about too much) course, not just from a slant of helping creativity in literacy, but for so much more.
    Hopefully the council will follow this up with lessons in a classroom.
    Here’s hoping. Thanks again.

  3. Natalie says:

    I agree! I came as a last minute replacement and I’m so glad I did! I now feel I have the ideas and tools I need to be more creative in Literacy. Thanks again!

  4. Anthony Benedict says:

    Brilliant Tim.
    I was extremely dubious at first – I wondered where the day was going and what the ‘act’ was all about with the performing man and his stick.
    I’m usually pleased if I can take one thing away from a course. This one was different. I’ve got the weekend to try and absorb the multitude of tips, ideas, madness and enthusiasm.
    Thank you.

  5. Nicky Grundy says:

    Thanks Tim!
    The best course I’ve been on! I loved the fact that it focused on creativity and imagination rather than hitting various government objectives and targets. I had lots of fun and can’t wait to use Myst in lessons.

  6. Dean Howard says:

    What a fantastic day! Was a truly inspirational course and I was delighted to get so many practical examples from a leading expert. Wonderful.

  7. Zandra says:

    Fabulous course. I’ve used similar ideas with video before, but the interactivity of this was superb – lots of possibilities. I was just gutted to find that my projector has blown, so am now having to wait to put this into the classroom – aaargggh!!!

  8. David Walsh says:

    Thanks Tim!
    A great course! I am looking forward to trying out some of the ideas with my class. Will you been doing any more courses in Salford?

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