Diocesan and Payne Smith C of E Primary School, Canterbury

| November 24, 2008 | 4 Comments 

A trip through snowy landscapes to Diocesan and Payne Smith C of E Primary School, Canterbury in Kent.

Thank you to Sonja Weed, Carol Wakelin and their colleagues, for a great day today. Full of joyous laughter. We look forward to a day of working with the pupils tomorrow.

In our session on mind mapping how some of the many ideas might be applied back in the classroom, we had a quick discussion on the power of recording ideas visually, and a discussion of how it can confuse some students who DON’T think or work in a visual way. I find it useful and reminds me of the “old style topic webs” I started using to plan at the beginning of my career.

Bubbl.us lets you create thought bubbles and connect them together.

You also can easily move the bubbles around or change the links connecting them to each other.

Being an online application it is a shame there are no collaboration features in it, but if you can fit your thoughts into little connected bubbles, try it.

It does print, which is a rarity for a Web 2.0 app.

There are several “mind mapping” software products available, my favourite being the one I use all the time on training days and with students: 2Simple’s brilliant, and adaptable, 2Connect.

Bubbl.us isn’t in that class. But it’s free and it’s fun, and it might help you see connections in your own thoughts.

• Brainstorm online
• Create colorful mind
• Share work with others
• Embed your map in
your blog or website
• Email and print map
• Save map as an image

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  1. Kim says:

    What an awe inspiring day! I can hand on heart say that I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I think the photos tell a thousand stories!!! I am so excited to be at the start of my teaching career where there are so many possibilities in regards to learning – I will definitely be implementing some of the fantastic ideas into my practice!

    Thank you for such an enjoyable training day!


  2. Sonja Weed says:

    I had seen Tim present at the Kent ICT conference and was keen for all the staff to experience what I had seen so we booked him straight away for our school. I was worried that some staff would not get much out of the day being ICTechnophobes but I was mistaken! Every single member of staff had an enjoyable day, learning new skills and techniques and reinforing old ones. It was a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and reflect on our teaching. The Myst stuff was inspirational and the other bits and bobs got all the staff fired up and keen to get into the classroom. Even though it was the second time I had seen Tim present, there was new material there and gave me the perfect chance to revisit ideas.
    We are now looking forward to tomorrow where Tim will be working with the children and undoubtedly make us all laugh and smile again.
    We have bought several copies of the Myst game and will be looking into how we can implement some of the ideas into our school – can’t wait!!

    Thank you Tim and Sarah – A GREAT DAY!!!

  3. Dale Brown says:

    ICT is not normally something I particularly enjoy and I went to school today uncertain of what the day would hold. It was AMAZING!! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and learned so much – brilliant! I am really looking forward to seeing Tim working with the children tomorrow!

    Thank you for such a great day!

  4. Martin Segal says:

    Brilliant day!!
    Was great fun and learnt an awful lot too, the principal of having ict at the core of your lesson i thought was fantastic. It has definately inspired us to look more into the outworking of what tim brought.

    Thanks for a great day

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