Diocesan and Payne Smith C of E Primary School, Day 2

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Thank you to Robert Slight, ICT AST and Projects Officer, for offerring to write about our day of lessons at Diocesan and Payne Smith C of E Primary School today:

“Words like ‘Amazing’, ‘Outstanding’, ‘Inspirational’ are often used when listening to people who work with teachers. Capturing their approach and applying it back in school with our own pupils can often be easier said than done!

How refreshing it was when Tim Rylands visited Diocesan & Payne Smith CE Primary School in Canterbury. His approach was to spend two days at the school. The first day was a day working with teachers and visitors where he showed how ICT can be used to inspire children to write. The second day was working with all the pupils in the school.

During the first day we were asked to suspend belief in the real world and engage in the magical and mystical world of Myst. To achieve this, they were first introduced to Mr Walker! Well worth an introduction.

Following Mr Walker, we were transported from our real worlds and introduced to an interactive game from the Myst series. Tim encouraged us to look beyond the screen and describe what we saw, heard, felt and smelt. We were really engaged with this bringing out our thoughts about what we were looking at. The day continued on this theme with other ICT skills and techniques shown to the group.

But does this approach work with children? The next day we were to find out!

Tim spent the morning working with two groups of children. The first 90 minute session was with Year 3 and 4 children and the second was with Year 5 and 6.

Children were introduced to Mr Walker and, again, encouraged to suspend belief in the real world as they were immersed in the images from the Myst software.

The creative responses from the Year 3 and 4 children were breathtaking! Teachers’ mouths opened with astonishment as certain pupils gave their ideas verbally and later read their writing to the class – in their loudest ‘playground voices!’

Children were asked to squeeze more from their writing by including more interesting vocabulary or, even, remove vocabulary that weakened their writing.

To engage and inspire pupils further some children were chosen to participate as characters within the projected images and answer questions posed to them from the rest of the class.

Both groups of children really engaged with Tim Rylands’ teaching and created the beginnings of some extremely amazing and outstanding writing. Truly inspirational!

This might look like an advert, which it isn’t but, I thoroughly recommend schools to look very closely at the work of Tim Rylands and if you want to amaze and inspire your teachers and pupils to create some inspirational work then book him for your school!”

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