Fourfields Community Primary School, Peterborough

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…and back down to it eh?!





For us, it was a joyous trip back to Cambridgshire to spend a day at Fourfields Community Primary School, joined by colleagues from Pendragon School, Holme Primary School, Nene Valley Primary School, Alconbury Primary School, and Godmanchester Primary School.

Thank you to Fourfields head, Graham Gossage, for organising a superb day.


One of the elements we covered to day was the use of QTVRs

As a huge fan of panoramas and QuickTime VRs as a stimulus for discussion and creative writing, I am always happy to locate new ones. I have often mentioned, one of the largest and most comprehensive sites.

Fighting Malaria is a 360° panoramic scrapbook, published on the occasion of World Malaria Day on April 25. The panoramas were shot in 2 days a while ago but only recently compiled into an 8 minutes long online story.

I also found the remarkable Walking with AIDS, (another 360° scrapbook which includes a really powerful audio commentary)

I have been excited to read the exploits of an ex-pupil of mine, Rebecca.

Becks is now working in Eritrea.


It is entertaining informative and incredibly well written. I look forward to following her journal over the next year.

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  1. Deirdre Milner says:

    Thank you for an “inspiring” day. I must admit I was not feeling very motivated this morning, but within a short time
    was buzzing with ideas. I want to thank you most for talking about taking our time over the work we do with children.
    I qualified in 1970 and have seen several cycles of educational thinking. I do remember when we did not feel under pressure to move on, but we should seize upon the enthusiasm of the children to find out more or to take a subject that step further. We need to have the confidence to give ourselves and our pupils permission to “fly” and in that way learning will be more meaningful, memorable, enjoyable and, critically, effective.

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