Urban Swale Partnership, Kent: Woodgrove Primary School

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Day 2 of our visit to Kent, and a trip to Woodgrove Primary School for a day of demo lessons. Each lesson included 60 pupils, their teachers and visiting teachers. The first lesson was with the Year 3 and Year 4’s children.

This was followed by the Year 1 and Year 2 pupils as we journied up a mysterious spiral staircase plant.

Year 5 Year 6 wandered through the worlds of words in the afternoon.

All of the year groups proved to be a credit to their school. Imaginative, inventive and full of fun. A delightful, sparky bunch, who were up for a challenge!

The colleagues from neighbouring schools chipped in and joined the children in their creativity. One colleague had already risen to the challenges of using virtual worlds and made this comment:

“After seeing Tim at an ICT conference I went back to school and immediately ordered Myst III. I devoted the whole first Autumn term to it and took the children on an adventure. They absolutely loved it and became so engrossed in their new journey. We explored the ages discussing what we could see, hear, smell and feel. They began to question everything they found. They all had little notebooks and if they had any thoughts or ideas they noted them down. Towards the end of the term I asked them to use their notes and tell me about their journey through the Age of Ameteria. I was astounded at some of the quality writing produced. Paragraphs upon paragraphs of excellent writing! They can’t wait to start exploring again!!”

Stephen Tierney
St Peter’s Catholic Primary

Thank you Stephen. Thank you, too, to Ros Newington and her staff, and their pupils from Woodgrove, for a very enjoyable day.

With some of the teachers we were looking at the next steps and other resources for stimulating discussion and creativity.






As a fan of panoramas, and VRs I am impressed by CleVR.com (clever use of the VR in CleVR eh?)

CleVR is an easy way of creating and sharing panoramic photos for free.

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You can create your own panoramas and turn them into interactive virtual tours.

If you haven’t tried making panoramas before, this is the place to start. If you have, you should find this a good way to store and share them.

Shoot: Use a normal camera to take the photos. No expensive equipment needed!

CleVR have a brief “how-to” HERE

Stitch: The CleVR Stitcher is one of the easiest photo stitchers out there. Just drag and drop, click the button and it does all the work, joining your photos into a panorama.

Share: Share your panorama on the web in the interactive viewer. Embed it into your blog or website. Share it on Facebook or MySpace or send it by email.

Hotspots: You can add interactive hotspots to your panoramas. These let viewers click areas in the panorama for more information. They can display notes, photos or video. They can also be used to link panoramas together into a full virtual tour.

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  1. Ros Newington says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah for a great day. Truly inspiring. We are looking forward to developing many of the skills over the next few terms. The lucky children who participated were keen to feedback to the children who were unable to attend and Beech class have already begun to develop it further into their Ancient Egypt topic for this term.

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