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Urban Swale Partnership, Kent: West Minster Primary School

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Day three of our trip to Kent, and a delightful visit to West Minster Primary School. Thank you to Alan Bayford, Executive Head, and Tracey Cadwallader, Head of School, and the rest of the staff, including the school’s very own Mr Walker (Site Manager) for buzzing around so helpfully and for becoming apart of the fun filled day.

The children today wrote some excellent, stunning pieces of descriptive narrative. Very kindly, Carolyn Lewis, Primary ICT Consultant, Swale and Thanet, also cracked on with it and crafted the following description:

“The children in West Minster School put Sheppey writing into dazzling perspective as they created, discussed, wrote and read out loud the brilliant ideas they had penned whilst considering the world of Myst. As a grown-up, I was thrilled by the invisible sparks crackling mutely as they worked.

Year 3 Lesson – This was the little people on big chairs. We wandered wearily across the parched desert, glancing furtively at the angry red dinosaur rocks and the molten peaks behind. Was it an alien place, or merely a dream? Year 3 thought, discussed and scribed their feelings as they ‘stood’ on a rocky outcrop watching the scenes unfold.” Continue Reading