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Another ice-bound trip out in Kent, this time to the very warm welcome from the staff and children of Newington C of E Primary School.

The Year 3 and Year 4 pupils were right there from the the very start, even as they were walking into the hall and finding a place to sit, they were commenting on the bird flying over the hills and the skeletons that MIGHT be lying around on the rocks. They were hooked!

Year 1 and Year 2 Pupils were full of ideas, and did really well dropping them in at the right time. Super!

Year 5 and Year 6 Pupils

Simon, a visiting teacher here today, kindly volunteered to share a classroom experience he had this week:

“On Tuesday, Tim provided me with a bit of off the record advice I thought I would follow up. He said a great way of getting the children ready for those terrifying SATs is to make them as comfortable and at ease as possible. He explained, simply find a picture of a man or woman, sitting comfortably, maybe with a cup of tea, looking cheerful and content with the world, then tell the pupils he or she will be marking their SATs paper.

I did this with a picture taken of my fiancé’s dad I’d taken on Christmas day. They analysed this and told me he was friendly, cheerful, had a family and even that he liked surfing in his spare time due to his Quicksilver hoody! They even told me it was night time; why? Because the curtains are shut of course!

The pupils now feel content with the SATs and want to write an exciting piece of writing to make ‘George’ (the name they gave him) proud and excited, so he didn’t get too bored when marking all those papers!”

Simon Krafft
Lower Halstow Primary School

Many thanks, Simon!

Travelling as computer bods, and having to eat packed lunches from time to time, means we were tickled by this idea:

Using old CDR spindle boxes as a handy Bagel Carrier.


Have a look at the idea on the GEARFUSE site HERE.

GEARFUSE have some other creative ways to recycle your old peripherals.

With all this ice, frost and snow around, I am often tempted to get a bit creative on the windscreen of the car, rather than just huffing and puffing or drawing a smiley face on the side window as we negotiate the early morning frozen roads.

Have a look at THIS SITE for some superb examples of, in this case, dust art on vehicles.

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  1. Amanda Lane says:

    I was at the Friday graveyard slot with my year 6 pupils at Newington and was thrilled to see their excitement and enjoyment – you wouldn’t have guessed it was the end of a long, cold week. Too often lip service is paid to the excitement of writing with the result that too many children – and adults – don’t see themselves as writers. Not my pupils after Friday! And it was great to see someone writing alongside the children – I’ve always enjoyed doing this. I’m sure my class will appreciate writing more now as an exciting journey rather than as a chore. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you Tim and Sarah for an interesting, fun and of course ‘INSPIRING’ day on Friday. Our whole school is buzzing about it. All the children wanted to continue to write about MYST, some have been thinking about what was lurking behind the strangely shaped door in the middle of the dinosaur desert or up the gigantic strangely shape bean stalk. The Year 5s and 6s really want to find out about the mysteriously girl in the ‘washing machine world’ of chinese pod cafes on stilts!!! Thank you for helping us find some new skills to recapture their amazing and original imaginations and willing to write.

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