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BETT Bitz 2009.3

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It is well worth taking a quick hike to the building next door to BETT for the RM “Shaping Education for the Future” event. There are an awful lot of “new” technologies to play with and, what’s more, they have free refreshments oin their visitors’ lounge and Internet Cafe.

They even have real live students taking part in real live learning activities!!

Andy Hutt, (ex RM and now independent consultant with Learning Potential) presented a seminar on innovative school design, as part of the Shaping Education for the Future seminar program.

BETT is a potentially exhausting event but it has been a true joy to meet up with so many old friends and colleagues, and to make new contacts. If you are at BETT, give me a call on 07798890475

BETT Bitz 2009.2

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There is so much to see at this year’s BETT. The financial climate has had a big impact on some folk but all of the stands are still full and vibrant. Some of the smaller companies have had to rethink and be creative about the way they interact with clients.

I like the people who stick to the principal of keeping children at the heart of resources and enriching the lives of those children.

A coffee with Anne Curtis, from Shoo Fly, and Merlin John re-tickled my enthusiasm for creative, child-centric education in the middle of this huge trade show.

{=== Here is Anne with her tin of Memory Mints, for senior moments. 🙂

Shoo Fly, don’t have a stand this year, but are as alive and bubbling as usual. Anne talked about their new software called “Skin Deep” which is truly based upon those principals. It was developed alongside six form students from high schools across Northumberland studying English at A Level. It is a VLE resource to be used across age groups in areas of Citizenship (although it is much wider, cross-curricular than that) looking at concepts of identity. It fits in incredibly well with the rest of the Shoofly ethos.: “putting young people at the heart of their resources, inspiring, engaging and exciting, developing the creativity of teachers and children, encouring laughing a lot (and sometimes crying), taking a stance and rattling a few people.”

They invited a speaker on genetics from the Centre for Life in Newcastle to explore the issue of identity and what being “British” means. This really interests me after the work we did in Cyprus with the forces schols.

One element of Skin Deep uses a collaborative poem called Identity Card, written by the students, and Seed a story written by Anne about creation (fable). The software is illustrated by pupils from Thomas Bewick school and forms a really powerful resource.

The resource is built on line and is truly collaborative, based on issues raised and discussed by the students. For example, on activity, Just a number, looks at what point in your life we become a number in the system.

Contact Shoofly for a password to access these remarkable experiences.

(“Hoorah” Anne) (“I want to see Shoe Fly back in the show” – Merlin) (“I’ll be back” – Anne)