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Aylesford School Sports College & Aylesford Primary, Kent

| January 23, 2009 | 2 Comments 

Today, we had fun working with the children from Aylesford Primary School who came over to the next door secondary school, Aylesford School Sports College many pupils and even more teachers, as we were joined by teachers from many surrounding schools.

We had great fun exploring the virtual worlds we explored, but also everything from hotseating, active listening, to developing open questioning.

One of the teachers there today, Carmela Puopolo, from The Malling School, took part in each of the three lessons today,  and wrote this comment:

“It was great to see what the pupils created after Tim’s lesson! The program, and the way Tim models its use, opens up a multitude of ways a teacher can promote higher thinking skills, for ANY year group. I am a KS3/KS4 teacher. My students, however, are a year (or two, some three years), behind their year group; their weaknesses are mostly in their reading, writing and thinking about writing skills. I will use MYST and adopt (or nick) some of Tim’s techniques when delivering the program to the student to enable them to THINK OUTSIDE, AROUND, AND BEYOND the box. Eventually, students will write using similes, metaphors, and verbs (among a few techniques) to enhance their writing. Wonderful demo – it was great to see the training put into place in this demo with the students.

During the Year 5/6 lesson I had an out of body experience as the students began reading their stories aloud – individually and independently. No orchestrating was required yet as they read, it was like music. Incredible! How quickly they came out of their shells!
The students were engaged and enthused with the activities. This lesson was not limited to MYST instruction, but it also included pedagogical tips. I appreciate how Tim embraced ‘shouting out’ their ideas. At times I feel bombarded with answers from my students shouted out all at once, but if I talk to my students about their timing when answering and now I like that they have the courage, to answer aloud on their own, then the speaking and listening tasks will be a better experience for the students. Tim modelled how this could be achieved.”
Thank you, Carmela

Somebody today wrote a feedback comment that “this was the furthest from black and white worksheets” Thank you

Here’s a superb thought jogger to go by the printer courtesy of Adrian Bruce, an award winning chap who is known for his generosity with his innovative learning materials.

I have mentioned this before but, Adrian has a similar philosophy to me, that, if you have an idea that works, the best way of finding out what else you can do with it, how it can be developed and used best to the advantage of our children, is… share it!
Adrian’s site contains a vast amount of genuinely useful, inventive and imaginative ideas, games, posters and interactive elements. His site is subtle about its “donationware” basis but, if you find anything “free” out there, it is, at least, manners to give credit, or, better still, show your appreciation in other ways.

Check him out here: