Brunswick House Primary School, Kent

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A super day at Brunswick House Primary School, Kent, as part of the huge project we are involved in over this two week period, and beyond.

Year 3 and Year 4 pupils

A lovely comment from one of the children when I asked what they thought might be behind the hills. “A lost city” We all agreed that to lose a house, would be careless. To lose a small village, absent minded. But to lose a whole city, …well!

Year 1 and Year 2 pupils

Year 5 and Year 6 pupils

We were joined after school by 37 colleagues from schools in the area for the twilight session, where ideas and experiences were explored and shared.

Have a look at Listverses “top ten abandoned places” for some intriguing images, and stories.

On the subject of lost, I was always a fan of “Where’s Wally” or “Where’s Waldo” as it is better known in the U.S..

Here is a great twist upon the idea. An artist, Melanie Coles hid an enormous 55 ft painting of Waldo on a rooftop of an undisclosed location in Vancouver, in the hope that it will be picked up by Google Earth satellites.
The location of the painting is top secret, and the anticipation of when it will show up on Google Earth is part of the fun.  Martin Handford, the illustrator and creator of the original character, even sent her a personal drawing. There is also a brief TV slot you can view here.

Melanie’s blog has gone a bit quiet, perhaps because Google Earth does not publicize their schedule, no one knows when Waldo will show on a computer screen somewhere, and it could take some time. The project has sparked off an international buzz with net users, who are keen to be the first to spot Waldo.

Try the online Find Wally

Molehill copse 1962 – 1965 Staplehurst 1967

My dad used to teach at neighbouring Molehill Copse School, way back in the dim and distant 1960’s.

When I was due to arrive (I was two weeks late and, my dad says, I have been ever since) my mum, Joy, was in everybody’s thoughts. Every day, apparently, the Molehill Copse staff chose the hymn “Jesus, Good Above All Other” because it ends with the words:

Lord, in all our doings guide us;
Pride and hate shall ne’er divide us,
We’ll go on with thee beside us,
And with joy we’ll persevere!

I was going to put up some links to celebrate Chinese New Year. But, why try when we are working alongside the guru of links and creatively gathering resources and useful sites, Mandy Barrow, (“Yes. THE Mandy Barrow.”)

Try visiting the page Mandy has created on the Kent site HERE

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  1. Lucy Henderson says:

    What a fantastic day! I was lucky to see the change in how each age group approached the Myst world and thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the children and witnessing lots of ‘gotcha’ moments. I found myself feeling rather emotional when the children were reading their paragraphs unprompted, recognising the etiquette of when to speak and hearing the language they were embracing after just one session.

    I can’t wait to start with my class next week. Thanks Tim & Sarah x x

  2. Michelle Brayford says:

    Thank you very much for such a day of wonder. It was amazing to see some of the reluctant writers beavering away on their paper and having the courage to share their ideas with a hall full of peers and strangers. Tomorrow is going to be so much fun, I really can’t wait to get the whole class involved.

    We are so lucky to have had you.

  3. Mary Tasker says:

    A truly wonderful day! We have learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I didn’t want to stop writing – and neither did the children, they felt so inspired and motivated. Thank you for working with so many children at a time for quite lengthy sessions. To keep a group of sixty year one and two children attentive, interested and wanting more is no mean feat … not to mention years five and six for two hours! We are really looking forward to taking off with Myst, thanks to your inspiration, Tim.

  4. Will H says:

    A brilliant follow-up that really put the icing on the cake that was last week’s launch.

  5. Alex Collins says:

    I was so lucky to be on an exchange at Brunswick today and be involved. I was very impressed by your presentation at Ashford ICT conference last May, but I was even more impressed to see the way you inspire the children to let their imagination flow and really enjoy creative writing. Truly inspiring for someone like myself, training to be a teacher. I’ll definitely be introducing Myst into my teaching.

  6. The work on Myst is going well and the children can’t wait to explore me. They have thoroughly enjoyed investigating J’nanin and are eager to enter the Garden house. We haven’t entered it yet as the children were given the challenge of drawing a plan of what they thought it would look like inside, if it was a holiday cottage. Will be posting pictures up onto the Myst microsite.

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