Harrietsham Primary School, Kent

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At Harrietsham Primary School, Kent today, and we jumped at the chance to use their rear projection screen.

In the Y3/Y4 lesson we had a gardener, and the gardener’s son, come up and sit on the ‘stone bench’. They told us all sorts of facinating tales about their lives, good times and sad. Well done, lads!

Year 1 and Year 2 pupils looked at the visual stimulus Myst provides, looking at the sea and the sky, and exploring the strange, spiral plant, and how it can be used to develop speaking and listening – obviously leading to improving language, leading to better writing!

Year 5 and Year 6 pupils

Recently, I have found Mr Walker has new, magical powers.

He can work like a wireless mouse or even a Wii! Placing him on a table and then levering him forwards and backwards, he controls the movements I make around the virtual landscapes. Magic, it is!

(O.K. In reality I use a wireless mouse, but even some of the older lads seemed quite happy to accept that Mr Walker was the guy in charge!) 🙂

That reminds me of a link I was recently sent (Thank you Barbara Tate) to a panaroma of President Obama’s Inaugural Address. The amount of detail that can be explored when zooming in and moving around inside this incredible photo is gob-smacking.

I’ve just starting to get into this Twitter – ing lark.

It is amazingly “time taking”. “Time wasting”, no. I have come across some incredible links and snippets of information already.

Be brave – click the Twitter link over there on the right and find out what is happening around the digital world. If you only follow Stephen Fry’s tweets, it could be fun.

Try this interesting clip about Twitter, including a brief interview with Mr Fry, HERE.

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  1. Andy says:

    Having spent the day at Harrietsham listening to Tim inspire the children. I thought it was only fair to comment how fantastic the day was. The expression on the children’s faces in the photos says it all. They were fully engaged and wanted to carry on writing. However it should also be noted that it wasn’t only the writing that the session inspired but some tremendous creative thinking and speaking and listening opportunities took place. This has now been taken to the extreme with children now walking around the school using posh voices and making funny expressions with their eyebrows. Thanks again

  2. Jill says:

    I can only agree with Andy, that the day was truly inspiring. I’ve seen Tim “perform” twice before, but not seen him work directly with children. On Tuesday I saw that Myst really does encourage creative writing. The day showed how engaging the program is to children of all ages, until then I’d watched the promotional videos of children reading their work aloud and thought “Yeah right, I can’t see that working with our children”, however it does. Children read out their work and it was amazing (bought a tear to my eye) and we can’t wait to see how the children at Molehill respond.

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