Chantry Primary School, Kent

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Day 8 and we have moved north  west to  Chantry Primary School, in Gravesend.

We received a very warm welcome from headteacher, Hazel King and her colleagues. Thank you.

Their school is housed in extensive  buildings having formerly been  ‘The Gordon School’. The Gordon  School was founded as the Gordon  Boys’ Home in 1885 and was  intended to be a national memorial  to General Gordon, killed at  Khartoum in January 1885. Gordon  had undertaken charitable work  among poor boys in Gravesend, Kent and the Gordon Boys’ Home  continued that work on a larger scale. A plaque in the school hall  commemorates the achievements of General Gordon.

The Year 2 class included several children where English is an additional language, but they flew!

The Year 6 pupils also stretched their vocabulary in an admirable fashion, with more than ever volunteering to become a character in the games. Some really amusing and captivating stories and glimpses of their imaginary lives, entertained us all.

Thank you to all today. Fun!

Whilst we have been working in Kent, we have been chatting to folk about e-safety. The Kent e-safety site, contains some good “posters” about web sensibilities.

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  1. Andy Goodman says:

    Very inspirational day with lots of useful ideas that I’ll be able to link into so many areas of ICT that I cover.

    Thanks Tim, a pleasure working with you today

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