New Ash Green Primary School, Kent

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New Ash Green Primary School today, a completely difference location to yesterday as New Ash Green Village was only built in 1967!

Thank you to headteacher, Maggie Cox, Deputy, Debbie Hockey and the rest of the staff, for getting everything ready and for looking after us. Again, we had a delightful day,  

Year 3 and Year 4 pupils

Year 1 and Year 2 pupils

A quick tip!

The photos scrolling on our blog are ‘cropped’ before we upload them, in order to get the ‘best bits’. To do this we use a free program called Gadwin. Well worth checking out.

Year 6 pupils

And after school, a twilight!

But, if you find blank spaces in our blog posts, then it is probably because your school filtering system is blocking what it thinks to be “dodgy stuff”. Things like social networking and images get filters in a jitter.

We use Flickr to host our pictures (at the moment) and RockYou to make them tumble on to the page. Un fortunately, these are often blocked. A real shame as we have so many delightful pickies of smiling folk on our days around the country. Have a look at home and you’ll get a lot more out of the experience.

One of the best elements of Flickr though, is that they allow outside (”third party”) applications or websites to communicate and exchange information with the images you host there.

Some of the best websites for creating cool new images and fiddling with Flickr Photos include:

Picnik – for example we edited this picture of our friend Linda, who visited us today, directly on Flickr using Picnik

Dumpr What fun and madness you can create, so easily.

It is free but does require logging in (easy and discrete.) Look what Sarah did to the bald bloke! The (Toblerone) cheek of it!

Big Huge Labs fd’s Flickr Toys

and my old fave, Spell with Flickr – not a way to edit or alter your images, but a neat little tool to create pictures from text. Try it.

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