“E-Learning, Real Learning” Conference, Brighton

| February 6, 2009 | 2 Comments 

The blog has been quiet recently due to some delightful weather, (There’s snow business like snow business!) and a few techie-troubles. But…

We made our way through some very deep snow and treachorous conditions to sunny Brighton, which is Bright’n sunny, and completely free of snow, now.

The conditions in the Thistle Hotel on the sea front were also warm and welcoming. Thank you to the exhibitors who sponsored this event: 2Simple, Fronter, Bmi / TAG Learning, Espresso/Channel4 Learning, i am learning, and Education City.com

Vicky Vicary has done an excellent case study that can be found on www.surreylearning.co.uk/ictleaders (This is a site for registered users of Surrey Learning.)

Towards the end of our excellent fortnight in Kent we were very lucky to meet a few “THE‘s” THE Mandy Barrow, of Woodlands Junior School website fame, and ‘THE James Barrett’ of ICT Games .

His site has many very useful, handy resources, for example:

Letters and Sounds Bingo Literacy , Fairy clock,  Whack a mole, Save the whale, Wordtree and Foam phonemes.


Thank you, James for making these resources and sharing them for free with the world.


Thank to Ivan Stevenson David Robinson and their colleagues for organising this weekend’s superb conference.

Things are certainly “snowballing” here!

Thankyou too, to the delegates for their super ideas for the definition of Ellie’s word Fligminkle: SEE BELOW

Fligminkle: A type of fairy coal. A troll’s wig. A mini tuba. – Jayne Ross

Fligminkle: A moment of madness – Annika Blight

Fligminkle: The desire to wiggle your legs which you get when flying economy class – Julia Hubbard

Fligminkle: A tiny creature (invisible) who moves about the house when it is dark, hence noises at night – Gayle Priestly

Fligminkle: What you have just spent the last two hours doing, Tim: entertaining and enlightening. – Rosey James

Fligminkle: A small splash of seawater generated from waves – Dan Bowen

Fligminkle: The collective term for a group of objects thrown at women who wear fur! – Nicola Meaney

Fligminkle:That feeling you get as you begin to realise that “couple” of pints you’ve had are starting to have an effect. e.g. “I’m feeling a little fligminkled”. Matthew Beakhurst

Fligminkle: Yummy black forest cake (leftovers?) – Maureen Nisha

Fligminkle: A scale for measuring sarcasm in the classroom – Stephen Norwood

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  1. Annika blight says:

    Tim really inspired me with his talk, well show,. It was brilliant, inspirational and exciting. Wish all teachers could have been there. We all need someone to inspire us when marking and admin gets on top of us.
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Tim, for livening up the Brighton Conference. Yes it was a show and Tim has that ‘stage presence’ charisma that we all long for; but his talk was far more than entertainment. It was outstanding modelling of the engagement with language that can be achieved with props, role play, pictures and oh – not forgetting ICT! I was particularly impressed by his use of Myst, as a whole class teaching tool, for exploring descriptive and narrative writing. Given what we know about boys’ playing of computer games, this approach does seem to be the most obvious way of engaging them and improving their writing!

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