ICT to Inspire Writing, Sefton – Day 2

| February 10, 2009 | 2 Comments 

Following yesterday’s training day, we were today at South Sefton City Learning Centre with the PEPS team, and the CLC’s team – both very impressive TEAMS!

Special thanks to Barry “Island” Ravenscroft, the centre’s director, for running with every idea and making technical magic happen – split screen projections, filming, video conferencing cameras and a delicious, abundent lunch!

The day was FULL. Each of the lessons included visiting pupils from local schools, and between 15 to 30 observing teachers in each lesson (some seen here waiting patiently for the pupils to arrive).

Thank you to all the visitors for making the sessions so enjoyable. The pupils who visited the centre today, for the demonstration lessons, were a credit to their schools and their teachers. They were not thrown by visiting a new “real” environment, or a new “virtual” one. They didn’t bat an eyelid either at the fact there were SO many biggies, a bald bloke with a walking stick, AND a film crew!

The Year 3 Pupils from St Robert Bellarmine Catholic Primary School very quickly engaged with the landscape, and let their imagination roam freely, dropping in their ideas and writing some stunning descriptions. Towards the end of the lesson we had a gardener, a lady who worked in the greenhouse, two builders, a greenhouse owner and his butler! They took on the roles and helped their classmates to believe they were “virtually real”. Well done!

 The Year 1 Pupils came from St Philip’s CE Primary, Litherland. They ‘dived in’, had a virtual swim and volunteered a varietyof verbs and adverbs with which to ascend the strange, plant-like structure.

The Year 8 Pupils from St Michael’s CE Secondary School, were remarkable in the way they took off too. Some great sense of humour, mixed with mature approaches to the challenges we offered.

 The course, and what we are often asked to cover, is called ICT To Inspire… writing. If you look at the pictures of any event, you will notice that children are not often at computers. We are really using the ICT in an “invisible” way to inspire speaking, listening, writing and so much more.

Including art!

I could spend ages wandering through the ages of art at smArthistory.org, a gallery of art through the ages… and more!

smARThistory.org is a “free multi-media web-book designed as a dynamic enhancement (or even substitute) for the traditional and static art history textbook.”

Well done, and thank you to the Sefton Specials for a superb pair of days. We look forward to joining you again soon.

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  1. Pat Finch says:

    It was great to see Tim and Sarah in action on Tuesday at South Sefton City Learning Centre. The children were clearly inspired and the exciting use of I.T. really captured their imaginations.

  2. barrie armitt says:

    An excellent afternoon with the year 8 class. Most impressed with the variety of engaging activities and the quality of the esposes they stimulated. Lots of fun!

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