The King John Middle School, Thrapston

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The King John School is a 9-13 middle school situated in a Thrapston, East Northamptonshire. Karen Harrison, the acting deputy head of the school, invited us here a couple of months ago, saying, “We are really keen to improve writing skills in the school and would love it if you could help kick this off for us.” The exact invitation we love.

The training day was split into 4 sessions: two x 2 hours lessons in the morning with 120+ Year 6 pupils, their English teachers and LSA’s, followed by a lesson in the afternoon with a mix of Y5, Y7 and Y8 pupils; then to finish the day we delivered a twilight training session for all the staff!

Thank you to acting head teacher, Denise Grewcock, Karen Harrison, their colleagues and the pupils of The King John School, for a SUPERB day. No sign of writing reluctance here. Well done indeed and KEEP SCRIBBLING!

Thank you to P.E teacher here at King John, Gary Owen, for the nudge towards a panorama available for a local attraction, Wicksteed Park.

When we arrived in Northampton Tuesday evening, it was clear to see that the county had had many cms of snow (possibly an understatement!). Of course, many parts of the country have suffered the snow this month, but I’m pleased to report on a rather exciting side-effect:

A good friend, Helen Southwell, Wiltshire Adviser for Primary ICT, sent some images to show how their ‘virtual learning environment’ Merlin, really came into its own during the snowy days.

Colerne C of E Primary School used the VLE to announce their closure due to snow. The screen shot, below,  shows just part of the “chatter” prompted by the class teacher’s post to the “discussion board”. The snow ball effect continued all day, until early evening with a total of 22 posts and about a dozen pictures of snowmen were uploaded. It just goes to show that children will choose to write if there is a real audience and purpose…fabulous!!

Thank you for this, Helen. An  example of a REAL use of a VLE.


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  1. blogging instead of planning! says:

    I attended the twilight session. It was a lot to take in after a day’s teaching, but I am suitably inspired. I didn’t get the chance to observe the pupils during the previous sessions and I really wish I’d have had that opportunity. I think the twilight session would have been even more useful if I had either seen some of the earlier sessions, or if I had been directed to do some pre-training research on Tim’s website. I wasn’t really prepared for what I saw during the twilight session.

    Bottom line though, I really do feel inspired by what I saw. I already know how I will incorporate some of the ideas into my teaching next term. I sometimes really lack confidence in my creative abilities as a teacher. Yeah, I can teach, and I’m pretty good at it. But can I inspire? This kind of training gives me the ideas I need to be a little more daring in my teaching.

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