Redwell Junior School, Northampton – Day 1 & Day 2

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screenshot129We started our two day visit to Redwell Junior School with a day of demo lessons with 2 classes of Year 3’s, 2 classes of Year 5’s, 2 classes of Year 6’s, their teachers and visiting teachers from neighbouring schools.

We are, more often than not, helping schools develop their writing, speaking and listening, creativity… and more. Raising levels of achievement doesn’t have to be about reaching standards. It can be about stretching them.

Nigel Riches, headteacher, specifically invited us in order to raise the school’s achievement in Level 5 writing.

The Year 3 pupils explored the world of words and experimented confidently with similes when describing the desert landscape, seeing ‘rocks like sleeping dragons’ and ‘clouds as if formed from candy floss’. Well done indeed. And thank you to those who continued their writing, and drawing, when back in their classroom, and even through their playtime! Thank you for your lovely drawing, Max.
The Year 5 pupils stretched these ideas even further. They rose to the challenges offered to them and transformed themselves into characters so real they leapt out of the virtual worlds they were supposed to have been inhabiting.

The Year 6 pupils extended their vocabulary and use of descriptive language in in a world dripping with colour and intrigue. They did so in ways that inspired others around them to take off too.
Even though it doesn’t look as good as it sounds, because of the vagueries of the English spelling, the idea that helps is often to encourage children to get it written rather than worrying about getting it write/right.

Then today was a day of training with all the staff. As Mr Warner (Mark Warner) said once in one of his blog entries, there is a lot more to what we do than just computer games. That is, in fact just a small element. Well done to all of the staff for taking in at least one of the MANY ideas we covered today.

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We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey we have taken over the last two days at Redwell Junior School. Thank you all and… enjoy your break!
Hopefully, we won’t have more than the anticipated break as we are spending next week doing outdoor “analogue” things like climbing, abseiling, caving, canoeing, kayaking and more! Yes! The wobbly legged bloke going abseiling! Hopefully no disappointment for those around, but, maybe, just a slow let down! 🙂

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  1. Having first had the privilege of listening to Tim last year at a conference, I knew then that I just had to persuade the powers that be to get him in to do some training at our school. He didn’t disappoint. I know what I’ll be doing over the holiday – playing!

    For those that know me, I am on the shy side! But I thought I did a tremendous job conducting our ‘orchestra’ to the images of the rollercoaster in Myst III. Some, including myself, would say that I was simply the best!

  2. Mel says:

    What a fantastic couple of days inspiring both children and adults alike. Thank you so much, would love to continue to chat but I have a game I want to explore.

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