3 Days Of Creativity in Cornwall: Camborne

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The start of our three day visit to Cornwall as part of our extended creativity project with Cornwall Education Authority, and this morning we were at Camborne Science and Community College

Our ‘guest blogger’  Ben Davies from Roskear Primary, who had been involved in training last year, and has a great understanding that it is NOT just about the games, very kindly put these observations down for us.

Myst IV – Camborne Science & Community College    25th February 2009

No lesson starts – there is no learning intention or success criteria mentioned initially!
‘Mr Walker’ (Tim’s walking stick) immediately gets the children thinking.

We slip into the lesson and the landscape.

Talking using similes and metaphors. “ Are the mountains really covered in icing sugar?……..But it didn’t stop me from saying it, did it?”

We are working with Year 6 pupils from 6 visiting primary schools: Roskear Primary School, Pencoys Primary School, Troon Primary School, Penponds Primary School, Weeth Primary School and Rosemellin Community Primary School.

The Year 6 pupils, who had never met each other before, rose to some difficult challenges and immersed themselves in the landscapes so much, it was as if they inhabited it. Some became so involved, they acted out roles so believable they convinced their huge audience; entertained and enchanted them. They worked some magic and that is what it is all about.

‘Literacy gestures’
Storytelling hand (wobbling)
Simile & metaphor posh voice and gesture.

Tim drops ideas in without being overt about what they are learning – “hills covered in icing sugar.”

Children are encouraged to talk and exchange ideas about where they are, what they can see, hear, feel, smell.

One scene was used for a long period. Elements of the scene are the focus for discussion, e.g. Where are you? If it’s a village where are all the people? What do you think the buildings are for? If you couldn’t see the clouds, what evidence is there that they are moving quickly?

After 50 mins of immersive activities, speaking and listening and so much more, children begin to write using expressive language, similes/metaphors. They are engaged and fully motivated, and confident.

The word ‘Myst’ hasn’t been mentioned. The game is used to begin a new paragraph by just turning in the scene. Children encouraged to use an opening like ‘Turning, I saw….’ or ‘The weight of my back pack forced me to turn and look behind me…….’

Tim begins a running commentary and a boy takes over – he is really confident and uses some incredible, expressive language.

‘Hot seating’ used really imaginatively – a ‘gardener’ and a ‘translator’ to interpret, keeping the same meaning but using different vocabulary. Tim keeps the discussion going by prompting questions.

No learning intention or success criteria at the beginning – huge learning and success by the end!

Many thanks for this morning, Ben.

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  1. J Peck says:

    My Y6 had a great morning and our keen to word process their work and send it soon. We are even going to do some creative writing through Myst this week. Thanks again!

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